The Proper Care of Jewellery

Jewelry, an asset represents every day anew. He can shine even years after his purchase in full splendour and original beauty, a gentle handling and a professional maintenance is necessary.

The Proper Care of Jewellery 1

You probably know this: you have pieces of jewelry at home that glitter not more so beautiful as to the time when you newly bought it. But of course wish that your rings, bracelets or jewellery charms charm again as at the beginning. In order to achieve this, we have compiled a few tips.

General directions on the care of jewelry – you should avoid doing this

A basic rule for the care of jewellery is that one should not wear these on various occasions. At the performance of domestic work, jewelry can be scratched easily, chlorine or salt water and strong sunlight can damage its surface and even cosmetics can be harmful.

The Proper Care of Jewellery 3

The proper handling of gold, Platinum and precious stones

Gold and Platinum look even after years as new

When Gold or Platinum in over time as a result of pollution has received a murky veil, a careful care can help with mild soap and water or a cleaning solution created specifically for this purpose. However aggressive chemicals or bleach should be used under any circumstances, as this can damage the precious metal.
In addition to own care it is recommended to undergo the jewelry pieces from time to time for a jeweler for a professional cleaning.
A peculiarity of Platinum in comparison to gold is that scratches mean no loss of material, but the Platinum is only moves.

Careful use of precious stones

The full beauty of gems comes only to the best advantage, if their surface is free from dirt and dust. For this reason, it is advisable to clean them regularly using a lukewarm SOAP solution.
In any case, their specific hardness is at gems to consider. One in the care of Diamonds, which are characterized by their high degree of hardness must be less careful, as for example in the very sensitive opals.
Protect your precious stone jewellery from bumps and not associate him with rough materials in contact. Even the virtually indestructible diamonds can be damaged.

The Proper Care of Jewellery 2

Very hot temperatures, strong detergents and cosmetics are what gems as well as precious metals must be protected.
To prevent that the trinkets each other scratching itself, should keep individually, as they are supplied you with every purchase at RenéSim, them in protective cases. Alternatively are also soft leather bags or extra jewelry boxes for safekeeping according to Thereligionfaqs.
Includes a careful care, that you check the versions on their integrity every now and then. So, you prevent the risk, that the gems are lost.

Special care for pearls

Pearlsare extremely sensitive treasures. Because they get along very well with the natural humidity of the skin, it may be worn diligently. To receive their unique brilliance as long as possible, it is advisable to clean them regularly with soft fabric care.
Suited to their storage bag made of velvet or individual subjects in a jewelry box.

Luxury jewellery of the exclusive online jeweler RENÉSIM

The pieces of jewelry that you get when RENÉSIM, correspond to a very high standard of quality for all and are therefore predestined to shine long in their original splendour and to remain in the family for generations. By default we use gold alloys with a very high fineness of 75%, which is why our jewelry pieces are not at risk to arrive on time and unattractive to discolor as that would be the case in a lower fineness. Also the gems used by us are selected according to strict criteria.
Even high-quality jewelry can be affected by dirt, inappropriate and harmful outside influences affected. By carefully store your trinkets and regularly maintain, you can afford a major contributor in that they remain long beautiful.