The New, Paradi (E) Sic Conscious Collection from H and M

On 25th March, shortly before Easter, the new Conscious Collection from the Swedish fashion house H & M can be found at the clothes hangars of selected shops.The face of this collection is no less than the French model, actress and singer Vanessa Paradis, who was once associated with Johnny Depp.Vanesssa Paradis owes herself as a lover of the vintage style and is therefore gladly available for the Conscious Collection.I did a little research on what we expected on March 25th in the H & M Stores so.

What does the Conscious Collection from H & M make for spring?

The word conscious means as much as conscious.And that is precisely this spring collection.For the creations for the coming spring, sustainability and environmental awareness should also play an important role.Materials such as organic cotton and recycled polyester make the new Conscious Collection stand out.The collection is also linked to the garmet collection initiative, which has been in operation since February, where old or unused clothing can be delivered to the H & M Stores, in order to be recycled at the next purchase.This year’s spring collection includes not only the fashion of the ladies but also men’s and children’s fashion.

What is the typical thing about the clothes of the Conscious Collection from H & M?

Since the Conscious Collection was designed for the spring of 2013, there are of course also typical spring patterns and airy garments.Loose shirts, short shorts, thin jackets and long, long dresses and jewelry can be found in the spring collection.Especially floral patterns and floral prints can be seen under the pieces.The colors of the greens, which are close to nature, are among the things of the Conscious Collection.But also pastel colors, such as a pastel yellow dress, as Vanessa Paradis wears it for a photo, includes the collection before Easter.Also one or other elegant item for going out, my eye saw under the cocktail dresses of the Conscious Collection 2013. Especially the nobler clothes pieces differ slightly from the H & M typical prices, which should however not surprise with the environment-friendly materials.