The New Pants

the Jodpurhose

Its exotic name owes its name to the city in India,but it can be called simply riding trousers.  She is now fashionably casual, elegant, for example, with a tuxedo blouse and fringed cloth. Riding pants with dividing seams from Sayyes, approx. 120 Euro. Blouse of Frank Walder, approx. 90 Euro. Cloth: H & M. Bag: Bogner.

7/8 trousers

No unproblematic form, but with chic highheels she always makes a beautiful leg. It is best to wear one of the many new blazers. Waistband pleats, approx. 40 Euro. Worn pinstripe jacket, approx. 50 Euro. Both of H & M. Lilafarbenes Seidentop by Closed, about 90 euros. Jewelry : private. Bag: Liu Jo. Pumps: Unprotected.

The marlene trousers

Bottom wide, top tight-a simple styling rule with strong effect. Exceptions? We make only for trenchcoats… Marlene pants in jeanslook by H & M, about 40 euros. Trenchcoat from Burberry,about 800 euros. Striped Stricktop of Sem Per Lei, about 90 euros. Bag: Abro. Shoes: Sinela.

The shorts

Somehow a pity that there are so few short pants in our offices. With vest and blazer they are very serious. And with sporty blouson or leatherjacke the end of the evening. Gray Shorts by French Connection, approx. 75 Euro. Next Blouson by H & M, about 70 euros.

The tube

Yes, you have to swing a little into her, but then she makes a really beautiful silhouette. And how do you like the new colors? White, cream-colored, bright red… Tube trousers by Closed, approx. 150 Euro. Feinstrick-Pullover by H & M, approx. 40 Euro. Short jacket from Kapalua, approx. 120 Euro. Shoes: Unprotected. Glasses: Dior.