The Most Beautiful Thing in the World

She’s fun, happy and Yes: we love them! Fashion is simply the most beautiful thing in the world. In our new column, explains the latest trends our fashion Assistant Annika, rummages after curious artefacts, and tells of the ordinary madness of editorial. This time: The second part of Annika’s photo travel and what does actually do a Modeassitentin
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…zu is to say not all too much the following working days. Everything is running smoothly and according to plan and even the evenings all are proving to be quite similar to sushi and sake or fish and wine rounded off by Carnival music to fall asleep.And so it went on…

Only my Spanish is to think about me. I respond to every person who speaks to me in Spanish perplex and moronic. Typical Annika answer to any not understood Spanish question: “Si-si”. I stretch against the glass of water in my neighbor the waiter who urged me to try the wine for unexplained reasons and I answer a different waiter to his question (I know until today not what he actually asked) just: “medio”, I have not even ordered meat.

Adiós Gran Canaria!

Before going home I understand still ballerina-Nail Polish by Chanel, which I have always wanted to have, and generally very popular Touche ECLAT (concealer) by YvesSaintLaurent (both in Germany priceless) to a Gran Canary ridiculously low price.

Also, for me and my home left dear colleague, I purchase our new team shirt with the slogan:’ Tokyo FOR US’, a small idea for our next destination.

The Carnival is coming to an end. On the plane, I again take a window seat and enjoy my last few hours as travel debutante. I do a little rework, thereby matching my outfit lists. My last task on this trip is to bring the three giant suitcases to my colleague in the apartment. Because it’s already closed Friday evening and the editorial staff. The next day it continues for Susie and I to the CPD, and the suitcases are needed Monday strongly again in the prop.

On the next page, you will find what to actually do a fashion editor and her Assistant
Finally something else about the tasks of a fashion editor and her assistant. I can speak only of Brigitte-online, but with us, the whole thing so expires:What do a fashion editor…

The editor has a topic on which she plans a photo shoot. Then she thought about where and with what photographers she want to photograph the subjects, denying the models with the repro, enquired about locations on-site, book hotels and flights and manages everything in the way. And of course she puts together the outfits also. Locally, she brings the different work areas of the teams to a common denominator. It describes its vision, can do proposals of the makeup artists and photographers and is working with them until it is satisfied. Sometimes, it works right away and sometimes it takes longer. Very helpful while much work experience and a good deal of confidence are a good team. Of course wholly owned style security is absolutely essential!

Also, she chooses the photos that come afterwards in the illustrated fashion range. If I forgot other important tasks of the editor so it was forgiven me please! I’m finally just the Assistant!

…und her Assistant?

My responsibilities as an Assistant have to order it before the trip of only once very many garments to the themes with different PR agencies and companies. While keeping secret the topics as well. The competition never sleeps after all.

I’m with helping to put together the outfits. Mareike, the other Assistant in our team, and I list together every single part and pack everything into large suitcases. I wear worry that the courier delivers this case in time to check-in at the airport and am the guardian of the sacred clothes during the entire trip. Even my hotel room, I share with you. Just imagine the faces of the staff when they enter the room of crazy Germans, which roughly needs 50 pair of shoes for a week and extra with holiday hauls an own garment racks, so she sorted her wardrobe by topics can hang. They must have been but still startled about my actual daily choice of dress, because she had absolutely nothing to do with such airs in. Jogging pants and Birkenstock sandals were my most loyal companion on our early-morning work trips.

Every evening I am preparing clothes for the next day. I am looking together all the parts for each topic and iron them if necessary. The next morning, I all verfrachte in the car and pray that I have forgotten nothing! Believe me, is a super feeling when you stand on the other end of the island and an essential part suddenly is missing because it would ist…ich in the hotel room of the temple fell does not keep talking about it! To my luck, I may make a lot during the shootings. Often I move the models, put the clothes fit and suggesting accessories. It would actually also my job after the trip to unpack your bags again, but in this case I am escaped quite well, because Mareike had already done that on my return from Düsseldorf.

This was followed by the follow-up. We ask for the prices, sort and send the stuff back to the respective companies or agencies. For each box that you pack, one small glimmer resonates with fear that some might be missing, especially in the smallest pieces, as these are often the most expensive.

Currently, we’re still in a huge mountain of clothes, lists and boxes, but there is land in sight. And then the whole thing goes los…hoffentlich again soon from the front!