The Machine – Smartphones with 100 Terabytes!

The Machine of HP Provides Huge Space

Missing space in your phone may belong to in the near future of the past, because the American company HP is to revolutionize the storage technique in itself. Coming out, there may be a technique that enables the storage of 100 terabyte in smartphones.

The company HP is one of the largest computer manufacturers at all. And something really big has himself also made it, as with “The Machine”, the company wants to revolutionize nothing less than the world of electronics. And that might work, because with “The Machine” smartphones and tablets are possible with a storage capacity of 100 terabytes. What exactly is behind the vague title “The Machine”? “The Machine” is a platform. A piece of newly developed high-tech, which can store many unimaginable data and process. “The Machine” is a cluster that consists of many computing cores, each of which is intended for special tasks – and exactly where the difference lies: “The Machine” is not, will as usual normally, from a few computational cores that can do anything.

“The Machine” wants to HP a computer to develop, which are possible to process huge amounts of data. So, for example, a server with “The Machine” to can – address up to 160 petabytes in 250 nanoseconds and with less energy. According to HP “The Machine” supplies the six-time rate with an energy consumption reduced by a factor of 80 – all respect!

“The Machine” is intended not only for large servers, but also for devices such as Smartphones, in which a reduction of the technology incredible 100 terabyte internal disk space are easily possible. For comparison: the today’s smartphones expected the first finished devices the internal storage of typically up to 64 GB – “The machine”, the HP until 2018, would so pretty what revolutionize.

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