The Flicken Trend Comes Back

Patchwork, what was the same again?Patterns mixed together, many patches result in a garment or accessory.There are currently only covers or pockets, but jeans?Sounds kind of strange.But it is true and this season is right.Tell the designers.Well, then let’s look at the patchwork-denim mix more precisely.

The Flicken Trend Comes Back 1

Colorful patchwork mix for new favorite pieces?

Jeans shirts and denim pants are as new as black and white as trendy trend colors.And everyone has certain parts of it in his wardrobe.I admit, jeans are simply my favorite pants, they are universal to wear and easy to wear.Jeans shirts are not so my thing, but that is taste and taste are, as is known, different.

Both of course, this year is again in the trend, just combined with the patchwork design.Jeans shirts in various washings, from very light to very intense dark blue washings.The range is large.But do not worry, it will not get boring.;) Patchwork loses its somewhat stale status this season, it even requires a little courage to wear.The patchwork pattern decorates large shirts, trousers and pockets.So you definitely get up, you just have to trust.Color-coded breast pockets on shirts or shorts, which seem to consist of numerous fabric rags.

For now jeans are combined with jeans, almost everything is allowed and the look should be – according to designers and fashion connoisseurs – even businesauglich.On the last day of the show you could see a wide range of possibilities.In spring and summer 2013 we see blue.Time to make some thoughts about styling variations.

The Flicken Trend Comes Back 3

How do I wear the new patchwork look?

Some designers combine pieces of jeans in patchwork design with cutting-edge patterns.Wide-cut tops or shirts in the Oversize look, sleeveless vests, long, wide skirts, but also tight-fitting trousers or leggings are to wear women now.Fashion-conscious men are now using easy-to-wear jeans, best with three-quarter sleeves.

And as I said, you can combine jeans with jeans if you want.Important rule: The garments should have different washes or shades.Only in this way does the look not look overloaded or monotonous.

If you do not like this style, simply choose a part and combine it with other pieces that are not in the patchwork design.Bold can put the jeans look with intense patterns, for example with animal prints.This of course depends on the particular item of clothing.Less striking, but still beautiful, are combinations with simple shirts, just white has always been a great companion of jeans looks of all kinds.

The Flicken Trend Comes Back 2

This styling is the perfect choice when you combine your patchwork and classic elements of the business look.A noble black blazer evaluates the outfit and can also be worn in the office.

So that it is not too colorful, you should be a little more reserved with the accessories.Sure, you do not need to do without it and something opulent it may be.Only in the color selection you leave it with the colors, which your patchwork look already has.Combinations of a dark marineton and brighter, brighter blues are stylish accessories, chains and bracelets in blue also harmonize well with other clothing styles.

Is this patchwork look something for you?Or do you leave it at the next shopping trip rather with the usual denim styles?