The Email Client with Which Mr. Robot Taunted The FBI Already Has App Android

ProtonMail is a mail client with encryption end-to-end that was best known among users of the deep web which among the general public until last summer. But, suddenly, a series of television with an unexpected success, especially among the community more geek, became it fashionable. Now Mr. Robot will also be able to dodge the FBI sending emails from your Samsung Galaxy S5.

This week has released the stable version of the ProtonMail for Android app After more than six months in beta base. The good news is that the application opens full and sufficient enough to start using it and not miss any of the functions of the desktop version.

ProtonMail was introduced in 2014 by a group of workers from the CERN, worried about the ease with which went out to light personal mails in cases such as the one of Eduard Snowden. It arose as a form of very secure communication, Thanks to encryption of user to user that prevents that someone who does not have the unlocking key to verify the content of the message. And private, given that there is no record of IP associated with the creation or an account login.

It started off as an open project and, after overcoming some legal pitfalls, was settled thanks to the donations of its members and premium accounts. The Android app that has just been released is of free download and it follows the same pricing scheme. In return, its founders call for donations with which to maintain your servers and company, all hosted in Switzerland since it is considered the country with higher standards of privacy in the world.

Emails encrypted for other clients and self-destruction

From the application of ProtonMail it is possible to create a new user to start from scratch. As mail client has all the basic functions you can expect from it: Organization in folders, labels for separate themes, managing mail through gestures and push notifications. His presentation and appearance are scarce, with dark tones and grid style.

But his grace is in its special functions, all security-related. In addition to the PGP Encryption Platform accounts, also allows you to send encrypted emails to accounts that are not ProtonMail that they are protected by a key that only you should know the sender and the recipient.

Its another peculiarity is the possibility of sending messages with expiration date. Writing, a clock icon invites in addition establish a maximum read time after which the message will be auto-destruido. Obviously, enough that the receiver make a copy as so that it continues to exist, so far has not too travel beyond save space storage.

If you are thinking of having a secure and private email account free of charge, and open standards-based and step you want to be able to say that you have an account in Switzerland, here is a good alternative.