The “Combs” Arrive to WhatsApp, Although Have to Use a Trick to Be Used

WhatsApp is one the most used in the world of messaging applications, and the emojis have evolved to become in a way to express our feelings, so the logical thing would be to think that with one another we could express all that we think uncensored, but unfortunately this has not always been so.

But something is changing, and starting with version 2.12.194 beta of WhatsApp, the application has included to your repertoire of the emojis one of the absentees to date, that of the classic comb with which every person of good commands to fry asparagus neighbor. Unfortunately, despite having been implemented this “reversed hand with middle finger extended (U+1F595)” does not appear in the list of emojis, so to use it you’ll have to resort to a little trick.

As we are told in Android Police use this cheat to unlock the power of your middle finger just have that copy the emoticon from any web page or conversation and paste it into your WhatsApp, though to see you will have to have downloaded any of the betas, which you can find in APK Mirror or the page of WhatsApp.

The trick of the Pik

Once downloaded the application, you only have to go to these pages of the emojipedia or graphemica, and even copy it from here itself when you put it between brackets . It should be done as if we seleccionásemos the text as we see in the image, and then paste it into one of your conversations. Remember that both you and the person that you send it must use the mentioned last mention of WhatsApp or the website of the messaging application.

Is possible that in some of your non-mobile browsers you can see the emoji, and certainly if you have not lost you the latest version of the application you can not do, but without a doubt we are before the inclusion of a gesture that will give a special flavour to our conversations, especially if kept as a hidden trick to ordinary mortals.

By the way, speaking of WhatsApp, these latest versions They include much more than the Pik, and as you have been counting in recent days also included the possibility of making backups of Google Drive and even mark a conversation as unread. That Yes, not abuseis much of this last if you want to end up sending you somewhere with the trick that I have taught you today.