The Coconut Is Not Only Good for Eating!

What comes to mind when you imagine an exotic coconut tree?So I am immediately mindful of the Maldives, almost feel the fine sand under my feet and hear the sea rushing.Holidays in the South.And with the help of the coconut, we can get that feeling right back home.However, anyone who has ever tried to open this exotic fruit knows that the coconut must be given a lot of time.But the time is worthwhile not only to eat the fruit, but much better, much more special.The coconut is particularly suitable for the production of unique jewelery.The wood is processed in fine craftsmanship and gets its luster.One thing is certain: every piece is unique.

Only a few have the necessary sensitivity from such hard wood as well as filigree jewelery via Ehuzhou, such as earrings , necklaces or rings .One of them is Jens-Ullrich Hausotte, who has carved the carving of wood for 9 years now and now offers his special designs on our site an article on line. We met him personally at the business fair and looked at his jewelery more closely.And on this occasion, we asked him of course a few holes in his belly about the special thing about coconut wood.

What is special about coconut wood, what are the advantages of the material compared to other materials?

“I know of no other vegetal material from which such filigree pieces could be created.The shell of the coconut is not only very homogeneous and stable but also insensitive and resistant.I have already done tests in water, gasoline and dilution – it did not happen, the surface was then simply polished with a soft cloth and immediately showed itself again in old luster.Even coconut is also free of coconut.”

For filigreed forms a good sensitivity is required. What tool do you need for making jewelry?

“For the machining of such a hard material it is necessary to use particularly sharp and stable tools.The best of these tools come from dental technology but also classical goldsmithing equipment can be found in my workshop, which I need not least when I integrate precious stones and silver into my jewelery.I started by using a simple hand-held sander and a small hacksaw.”

So you need a coconut and the tool. How is this continuing?

“The brown, rather inconspicuous fiber dress is removed from the shell, the surface is polished and polished in about 10 working steps with ever finer sandpaper.Then the nut is opened and the inside is removed.I check the nut for possible hair cracking and break it in the relevant places.These cracks are rare, but if the almost finished jewelry breaks in such a place, hours of work may have been in vain.Depending on the shape and shape of the cladding, I decide which pieces of jewelry are to be produced from which nut section.The jewelery form is recorded or previously made paper stencils are glued, sawn and reworked with cutters, files, sandpaper until the finished piece is in front of me.The outer contours are put into flattering curves and finally the piece is finely ground again and polished as required.Finished are the products, such as earrings or other jewelry accessories .This may sound unspectacular, but needs a lot of sensitivity, great perseverance and a good dose of love for the filigree detail.”

They also have jewelery with silver applications or stones. How does production look like?

“The manufacture of these products is very complex.At the beginning the inlays have to be made.They are first sawn from 1mm thick silver plates and then have to be finalized with milling cutters, files and other tools.Then at least two silver pins are soldered.These are of decisive importance for the later hold of the inlaid in coconut wood.The outline of the marquetry is transferred to the coconut and milled out.100% accuracy is the biggest challenge.When this, the most difficult, working step is completed, the inlay can be embedded in the nut using special adhesives.Only then do I create the outer contours of the actual jewelery.”

They have very special and individual forms. Where do you get the inspiration from?

“My inspiration is quite different. Once I simply oriented to the body of a spider. Of course I take care of the jewelery and abstract it. All this needs above all passion in the work with the wood and is always the focus for me.”

Yes, I knew that this exotic fruit is quite delicious. And of spectacular opening attempts with saws I have already heard … But that the wood of the coconut is so resistant, I would not have thought nevertheless. As we can see, this dark fruit is not only in itself. This makes us happy in the culinary field and the cosmetics, but also in jewelry. A high on the coconut! 🙂