The 2 Basic Types of Perfume

With a pleasant perfume you can do nothing wrong. The rule of thumb is: fit a slight scent of sparklingĀ in the summer , while you can wear the most feminine, sensual perfumes in the winter. There is nothing wrong but of course, carry your favorite perfume to every occasion and every season. Here you have a wide offering that ranges from trendy newcomer fragrances to classics.

Light smells

Fresh, flowery and fruity fragrances are often regarded as easily and are ideal for everyday use. Whether sweet, lemony, neutral, or rather tart – there are just countless variants unobtrusive perfume. Think about what kind of fragrance best highlights your style. You can choose a perfume with your personal touch. You just smell at a perfumery with a range and then order the perfume cheap via, that best suits your personality!

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Heavy fragrances

Heavy and sweet scents are your ideal companion for the evening and really complete the whole package. Great, especially in the winter, you can wear heavy fragrances! They are seductive and surround you like an aura of elegance and glamour. Tend to be worth in perfumes for the night, to invest the sum of slightly higher because this is a fragrance that will impress!

Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette?

Have you ever wondered where the difference between an Eau de Parfum and an Eau de Toilette and whether or not the price difference is worth? We explain it to you! The fragrance proportion is much higher for an Eau de Parfum, which has for result that it smells much more intense and the fragrance adheres to the skinĀ longer. An Eau de Toilette is indeed cheaper but faster, in which the alcohol percentage is higher.

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