Test Date: Four Verbatim Led Lamps

To the led “Retrofit”-providers that were never tested in this blog belongs to verbatim. The subsidiary of the Japanese “Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group”sure know as a manufacturer of storage devices and computer accessories, but not as a great power in the light industry yet. What use are the expensive verbatim lamps? A first test Quartet from a series for LED foodies who don’t need to look at every penny.

Only about three years ago, verbatim deals intensively with LEDs and oleds; on the German market was the European subsidiary significantly in appearance from 2011. A late starter in the race with the local lighting giant Philips and OSRAM, but everything else as an artsy, who wants to roll up the market from the bottom. After all, the Japanese parent company brought LED know-how lot – especially for Lu minis zenzk on versions coatings. Until today, the “consumer range” as well as the”professional range” verbatim targeting quality-conscious customers.

According to Toughestflashlights.com, the problem: Many verbatim LED lamps in the “Mondpreis” section of 30 Euro abound in multiple sales platforms, and online stores (in the company). So we would dive Euro in throbbing life of the “luxury spot market” already in the first two test lamps with around 39. But even wrong: the non-binding price recommendations (EIA) are only 22.99 and 25.99 euros, verbatim announced me on demand. Who requires more, wants to make itself apparently a golden nose.

Two 7-watt light spots

7 watts each power consumption have the dimmable low voltage GU5. 3- and high-voltage GU10 LED spotlights. the color temperature is estimated at 2700 Kelvin, the color rendering index, with at least CRI 80 (is strangely enough only in the online offer, not on the packaging), the angle should be 35 degrees.

There are differences, of course: the 12-volt MR16 spot like 12 volt DC or AC voltage, delivers 390 lumen luminous flux, to keep out 25,000 light hours and 18,000 cycles and is advertised as a complete substitute for a 35-watt low voltage halogen spot.

GU10 spot by the additional ballast is somewhat larger and heavier needs of course 230 Volt alternating voltage, has nominally only 370 lumens, lasts through 35,000 hours of light, and can replace a 50-watt high-voltage halo spot according to verbatim. The number of can cycles is not specified.

Same light intensity despite other overall brightness

Despite the slightly different lumen values at the same angle, there are no differences in the official light intensity. There are more than enough each 850 candelas – for most application areas. The heads of the spots are also the same: high-quality, stable cast aluminium optics for the enclosure with internal cooling fins and four vertical slits; inside a central “chip on board” (COB)- LED-module with surrounding reflector and the lens/lens. This reminds of the Current Philips-LED-spot concept – also with only one COB LED chip.

The fit is perfect: with maximum 50 mm in diameter and approximately 48 or 58 mm total length including base pins you can sink the verbatim spots everywhere there easily, where halogen lamps in it previously. Because nothing is over and the silver – grey appearance should harmonize with pretty much any housing.

Relatively similar to halogen spot light Club

The light effect is when two verbatim spots something more complex than the theory (above of the GU5. 3, below at the GU10 with extended photo-imaging). The light cone extends already relatively wide on the lamp head, a few inquisitive lumens make already before side of it through the ventilation slots. The entire leg appears not LED typical strictly focused, but more reminiscent of the more diffused light effect of halogen spot.

However, this does not apply to the subjective light color. That seems a little “cooler” – with more blue and green proportions – and lies somewhere between a “warm white” 2700 Kelvin LEDON spot and one of the older OSRAM “Superstar” series with nominal 3000 K. The CRI value is believable – the colors are subjectively not worse reported as at the current spots figured with CRI/RA 80 also LEDON and OSRAM.

The GU10 version can be a suitable phase dimmers without any problems, noise or flicker. However, a dimmer with adjusting screw once again advisable because the spot is otherwise may be not darker than about 30 per cent of the maximum. In continuous operation at the lightest level in an open version, I have measured 60 degrees in the hottest point of the casing ; in a closed lamp, it can be but also about 70°.

Here it’s the transformer

Nothing to Dim there at the GU5. 3 version, if it is connected to a standard 12-volt DC LED driver. It is indeed largely don’t care what you settle on the primary side of the AC – between 90 and not a bit to the power supply 230 volts is changed on the secondary side. So you need a dimmable transformer with low minimum load and maximum 12-volt DC- or AC voltage. So there’s no thing to each standard in the lamp or ceiling and not on every corner to buy.

The temperature level at maximum luminous flux for several hours is the GU5. 3 release something under the GU10 spots: 52 degrees open and just under 70 degrees in the closed housing.

Very short response times

The switch-off delay of the two spots is hardly noticeable in the normal case with dimmer. This applies in particular for circuits with only a LED lamp. For larger installations, can the response times are slightly longer, should stay under half a second but also with a dozen spots. I’ve put the GU10 version test in my District 14-lamps dimmer in the Studio and she was even more fixed than many current competitor.

My conclusion: The two verbatim spots are very solid and high-quality products, but still a little catching up to do to the similarly expensive upper class competition. Where, for example, LEDON and OSRAM guarantee 100,000 survive cycles, just measly 18,000 on the Pack or anything are verbatim. Here above, still air with the inscription ‘Made in Malaysia’ suggests not just the production in a high-wage country.

Round spotlight with dispersion value

But maybe it looks better with the classic led “Standard lamp” for the E27 socket: the dimmable “classic A” from the professional series of verbatim can replace luminous flux a traditional 40-watt-“light bulb” with a MSRP 16,99 Euro, 7.5 Watt power consumption and 480 lumens. Although conceal the color rendering index of at least CRI 80 us the package designer again, spoil us but indicating rare elsewhere, a half-value angle. Which is very ordinary 220 degrees (see excerpt at right). Includes ‘ his official life by at least 40,000 lamp hours or 50,000 switching cycles.

AHA, goes yet – especially when the relatively large corpus an E27 lamp offers plenty of space for decent, durable electronics and proper heat dissipation. It also needs it because the smooth case without cooling fins and air ducts in continuous operation can be up to 70 degrees hot. This design provides a surprising advantage – but in this case more on that later. The verbatim-LED lamp is slightly larger than your filament ancestors with 6 cm diameter and 12.2 cm total length, but should in almost any light ‘ fit.

Nominally, we have to do it that doesn’t quite look in practice again with an incandescent-like color temperature of 2700 Kelvin. Spontaneously one would tap more at the direct views of the lamp “cooler” 3000 K and a very close relationship to compact fluorescent lamps. That relativizes itself but by the actually emitted and reflected by objects light that appears significantly “warmer” and is additionally colour – faithful than almost any fluorescent “Pear”.

The angle specifying “220 degrees” (at least half of the maximum luminous flux emitted in this area) already indicates that the verbatim lamp is very flexible. “Field angle” (with at least 10% of the highest Lu men wertes) is likely are even more than 300 degrees, almost a full circle. Both hanging and standing mounted this led “Bulb” can brighten up a large portion of the space. The matte lamp dome creates a pretty homogeneous light impression – the small LED light sources including not to locate.

Unit even as a 60-Watt replacement can be used

In addition, that the indication of 480 lumens is probably something of an understatement and already far above the luminous flux of a standard 40-watt light bulb. In some cases, the “classic A” can replace even 60W-“Glow fruit” loss less. That is too bright, which may adjust continuously down with a suitable dimmer. And again I must here sing the old song by the adjusting screw without which the control range may be severely restricted. Quite possible that a non adjustable dimmer reduces the brightness of the verbatim lamp only around half.

I was quite excited by the noise over the entire control range: even with the ear to the “Made in China”light was so good to hear – no whirring, buzzing or humming sounds like nothing. This is not “Retrofit” Unfortunately at each led so. In the single mode, there was also no significant delay; the carton and label ‘ instant 100% ” is true.

The right lamp for nature lovers

Speaking of packing: there is still a real hammer hidden. See more times at the top on the first picture in this post and around down here in the middle. There you will see an IP number on the ‘classic A’ packaging. It refers to the “protection” of the lamp in this case IP65 for “dust” and “Protection against water jets from any angle”. This means that you can mount the lamp also easily open and in the great outdoors.

Pretty much every other commercial “retrofit”-LED lamp is intended for indoor use only and can Potter up outside when it is mounted in an outdoor lamp with appropriate protection class. Otherwise, you will lose the warranty. The verbatim “Pear” is obviously care less; She defies wind and weather – bravely and without “Bodyguard” sensational.For this, you are really not an exaggeration just 17 euros.

“Lighting” is to profane the “classic B clear”

At the fourth and final lamp of this test Premiere you should say goodbye to final bargain mentality and false stinginess: namely now we are talking about the verbatim “Classic B Clear” (pictured left), a clear, dimmable E14-“Candle” with 3.7 watts, and 150 lumen luminous flux, which in part will be traded for Unfathomable 30 Euro. Lightweight all-clear: the retail price is “only” 17,99 Euro (Update: lowered since 15.4 €16,99).

Well, I could mock negligence, that she just times as bright as a traditional 15-Watt light bulb candle, but by far not so cuddly warm lights – despite the nominal color temperature of 2700 Kelvin. Or, that she freely interpreted the term “Round Spotlight”. Or that promised 15,000 lights hours before the degradation on 70% of the initial brightness somewhere else in the “low budget”section. Or that she – can be up to 60 degrees warm regardless of the low power – in continuous operation in an open version.

But all would pass nozzle light years to the deeper meaning of “classic B produced in China clear”. This is namely not profane “lighting”, but something between decoration, jewel lery and art. We take a look at your lights image to just:

Who needs there tree wallpaper, ceiling frescoes or even paintings? Here you get wall decorations, light object and Planetarium in one (above the ceiling might be, for example, Saturn with its rings). This lamp is not larger than a conventional – and even dimmable! However, there is a tiny problem here: the led “Candle” whirring well audible depending on the dimmer-switch model and position of the controller quite vociferously – partly at one meter distance. Even in a circuit without dimmer is not completely silent.

This naughtiness complicates the search after a suitable location then a little; for example, I would not recommend a quiet bedroom. But, hey! The “classic B clear” has a very good color rendering index of at least CRI 80 (is of course very modest not on the label). In addition she can withstand indemnify 100,000 switching cycles – much more than the other verbatim lamps this test Quartet! And she’s still among the cheapest in the professional range! If no convincing arguments are…

The conclusion of the verbatim test Quartet

Summarize this first time financially: verbatim gave ground and thankfully free four upper-class LED lamps in the official MSRP value of about 84 euros me to test. When my Internet price research in various shops even a total of over 140 euros came ‘ out. That’s about twice what would have cost a similar packet of OSRAM, Philips, LEDON online regularly.

In view of the performance, the verbatim lamps that were totally overpriced, they are not but in reality. Because the quality – with exceptions – convinced, at least the non-binding price recommendations in order go. Something cheaper more power strength of course even better, also, and CRI/RA values are printed on the packaging of course mandatory.

There are certainly not the last led “Retrofits” this company here in the blog have been: soon I’m a cheaper “consumer range”model – from the “A60”-standard lamps middleclass 800 lumens. Keep eyes and wallets.