Teaching Objectives for Resumes

When you know the details about a job for which you are searching, an objective statement gives you an edge. Since hiring managers spend only seconds with every resume, a well-written lens summarize qualifications and present a strong incentive for the manager to delve deeper into your resume. When you teach others to write objective statements for resumes, teach their purpose, how to write them, using the power of words and tailor the goal for the job.


The first thing to learn about writing RESUME objective is the aim of the objective statement. Job hunters should look on a résumé as a small advertisement for itself. Just like advertisers target their advertisements to their specific customers, job seekers must target their CV for specific employers. Objective statement should call out to prospective employers, capture their attention and let them know that you are the right person for this particular task. A resume without a targeted objective statement can get lost in the crowd of hundreds of resumes from people with a wide range of backgrounds.

How To Write Objectives

Next, learn a simple pattern to write RESUME objective statements. Based on the job posting that you theoretically react, decide on a specific job title to use. So look at the qualifications of the job announcement mentions, and consider your experience and strengths and mention them in your objective. Rockport Institute recommends this pattern: Hi

“Objective:. A (n) ___ a___ position in an organization need (or looking) B_____ and _____ ____ c____ ”

For example: Hi

“Objective:. a mechanic position with a busy garage looking for a responsible, competent mechanic with an excellent driving record, complete tool sets, and extensive experience with all makes and models of vehicles ”

Another example is:

“Objective:. a copywriting position with a web design company in need of an experienced SEO writer with a technical background and broad subject expertise ” students practice using actual job listings from your computer or a newspaper.

Brief and Pointed

A purpose should be brief and to the point. It should highlight the most important qualities a job hunter brings to the position. Teach students to a concise goal is the only goal that will get the right kind of attention from hiring managers. Teach students to avoid listing what they want from a position. Phrases like “a job where I can gain more experience with the corporate tax filings,” are bad objective statements.

Tailor and Ads

Remind students that a resume is not a summary of all their lives. It is an advertisement with a purpose. An objective statement is the introduction to their personal advertising. Remind students to think about what they can give the company, and not what they hope to get from the company. To reinforce this point, exercises, where students read a job posting, so make a list of what kind of person that best fit this position. They can then practice writing objective statements that demonstrate those skills.