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Outfit 3 Weeks after Birth

Three weeks after the birth, I remain my first fashion look for you again the lens and shooter. My first outfit is not quite as spectacular after childbirth. I must accustom myself namely again without my beloved baby bump to shoot. I think the look with a bullet just completely different acts. It looks simply always sweet as a pregnant woman. Now that the belly is gone, I have to get me for the first time used I also back cool and casual can look. Continue reading

Flower Pants for Summer 2014

Are among the leaders of clothing must have summer 2014: we are talking about pants with flowers. Discover them with us

There are some clothing that is really hard to resist. Each season, then, there are creations of trend that many times they become part of our wardrobe. One of the must-see parts of this season isthe jumpsuit, a suit model is long it is not too short but still easy to wear fashion. Continue reading