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Wall Decoration: 7 Ideas to Do at Home

If there is one thing that is on the rise is the wall decoration: if before they were white and with one frame or another, today the walls are protagonists of the decoration of the house. Whether with pictures, posters, dishes or even stickers, there are many creative ways to embellish them. Come see seven ideas to decorate and leave your home your way! Continue reading

Tips for Child Wall Stickers

Stickers to make everything happier.Just think about the theme and the decoration gains much more movement with the walls adorned with the stickers that increase the walls.In addition to bringing much more beauty to the decor, the application of adhesives is cheaper than the wallpapers and can be blended more easily.The application is quick and easy, without the need for specialized professionals to get the job done.In addition to ease of application, removal is also easily done.This allows for a constant change in the decoration whenever the resident wishes.And when you are a kid, stickers open doors to new universes.It is possible to think of all possible themes and stick them in the children’s room.Have you thought about Pokémon, heroes, minions, and all the characters your child loves, right there on the wall that decorates his space?Surely he will love.

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Explore the Potential of Walls and Change The Decor

Explore the potential of walls and change the decoration. Pictures, wallpaper and color ink are some of the options to turn the environment

You know that feeling that your home decor is incomplete. Yes, there’s no point in paying attention only to furniture and the objects and leave out the full potential of the walls. These masonry structures not only serve to delimit your home environments. They also are perfect holders for

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Camping Tips in Winter

keep warm in winter When Camping

Anyone traveling in winter, should always make sure that the body does not cool down. Since you do not permanently is when camping in winter in motion, a few basic rules to be followed in order not to unnecessarily endanger the body and bring in an emergency situation. A great list for all who wander in winter, Angelica of hiking Bonn has summarized in an article. Angelica responded to the onion principle and the necessary clothes for a winter walk. If you stick to these tips, is already for a hike on the safe side. When camping in the winter, however, more things are still important to note that I wish to go a little bit closer.

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Vinyl Stickers on Textured Walls

Today’s decision is found! Templates and wall stickers help you change the design of your apartment or separate room. This is the fashion of the interior, where many popular designers in the world. Main advantages are their universality, accessibility and endless possibilities for decorating all interiors (bedroom, nursery, kitchen, bathroom). Today, images of vinyl film section the eyes of thousands of people from different derzhavi and cities. These people want to see beautiful in your house. Also numerous customers of restaurants, cafes, shopping malls can see stickers on the walls.


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