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An Adhesive Bra Charged with Cause Burns

A bra without straps and back popularized on Instagram is accused by some users to cause burns on the chest.

If you go regularly on Instagram, you’ve probably seen ads for a ‘magical’ bra pass on your news feed. Totally devoid of straps and fasteners, it sticks to the chest using adhesive strips and tightens with a lace according to the desired push-up effect. Continue reading

Fashion Secrets Special Valentines Men’s Underwear

We all know that men like to enjoy a beautiful lingerie in a woman, but will they know that women also like they watch the wear under your clothes?

If you don’t, you know Wed women valued as much or more than the way you wear under your clothes.

Don’t panic because for being Valentine’s day the language explains what women want when it comes to men’s underwear. Continue reading

How to Wash Underwear

Lingerie and intimate fashion suffered major changes over the years, the most striking took place from 1920, it was during this decade that women began to use shorter and always low-cut dresses, as the goal was not to display large breasts, appeared the first models of special bras. In the following decade the feminine silhouette became more appreciated, elastic tissues were used in models more comfortable, it was in the 30 that the pieces with bulges. With the end of the second world war a new fashion walks on the set, the making of underwear made with nylon. In 1955 models were created in Black Lace, in 60 years, with female emancipation, the intimate fashion appears lighter and free, already in the 70 happens to sexual freedom, and the triangle-shaped panties became part of the wardrobe of women. In the 80 years the woman begins to rediscover your sensuality, and underwear are the expression of this rediscovered 90 years appear more comfortable and relaxed parts of 2000 until the moment the word most often used to define the underwear have become synonymous with sensuality, transparent models and lingerie rich in details. Continue reading

Choose Cotton Underwear

Cotton undergarments are essential in the world of classical lingerie. Today cotton underwear is not old-fashioned. It is modern and trendy. It is decorated with all kinds of fancy and she is sexy. Cotton trousers, cotton string, cotton bra, cotton babydoll, cotton body and other high-value below give you comfort and mobility. Find all the ideal is not always easy. Why wear lingerie cotton? How to choose cotton underwear? To help you choose your cotton lingerie, here is some information. Continue reading

How Do You Dress In Bed?

Continue reading

Culottes Gauchos Pants Skirt Patterns

They are called culottes but are no special underpants, or at least not anymore. They are the pants, the ones that were once defined skirt-pants and are among the fashion pieces that are driving you crazy foreign fashionistas

I do not know how many of you have already passed in the past but there was a period, between the late ’80s and early’ 90s that the skirts and pants made her king. I remember them because in my closet my mother was always trying to infilarcene some, because compared to classic trousers were softer and more comfortable than skirts, and they were the best, because functional and, once again, comfortable. But, you know,comfortable does not rhyme with fashion and time a breath that I am blown away. Continue reading