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More than 15 Amazing Photos for You to Get Inspired!

All it takes is a child to see a wooden playground for eyes to start shining and she asks to play. This type of toy really is quite popular and, let’s face it, even we adults want to have fun at them sometimes. But for the play to be totally safe and for the playground not to work too much for maintenance, all planning at the time of construction is very well thought out. Are you excited about making one for the little ones? So check out the tips below! Continue reading

Toys Of The 80

I love my children and I’m very happy with toys of the 80 who have returned to be manufactured. Here at home we have some of them but many really don’t exist anymore and leave Miss. Remember doing several picnics with friends at the play and we take our popcorn machine, was a success, how much happiness watching those popcorn jumping. In addition to the popcorn machine, loved the refresqueira that we put water. I have a feeling that my childhood was hotter than the childhood of children today. Continue reading

How to Paint RC Cars

One of the most fun aspects of the world of RC (radio controlled) cars is incredible and intricate designs that fans of the paint on the body of their vehicles. They are limited only by the creativity of the person in the painting! One of the easiest things you can do to make the RC cars look strong and attractive is to paint the jobs.Things You must Photos RC car painting (s) (the specific type varies depending on the method of paint you choose to use and the ventilation mask paint job type you decide).  Continue reading

Wheelie Bars for RC Cars

Wheelie bars are a pair of short arms, made of metal or plastic, which are attached to the rear end of (RC) remote controlled cars. They are used to stabilize RC cars when wheelies performance and to prevent the front end lift during rapid acceleration. You can make your own wheelie bars or buy them as accessories and attach to your radio controlled car.Things You must band saws or other electric cutting tool corresponding screw car wheels RC. screwdriver with the appropriate drill head or instrument realization hole thin lengths of plastic or aluminum. 

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Traxxas Brushless Motor RC Cars

Have you ever seen someone get her new guided missile, ship, aircraft or vehicle with four wheels, and have you said, “Damn! Sounds really great and this is awesome air”? Well, maybe not the last part, but the first is completely true. I recently had the opportunity to play with many of these toys “big”. Powerful, beautiful, beautifully designed: I speak of the E-Maxx and E-Revo Traxxas models. Let’s see a little more closely.

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