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Colorful Leather Clothing

The colorful leather clothes came to fashion to bring everything of more interesting to the Look of the woman, so be sure to check the news and trends in today’s post, why we are sure you will love these news.Know that nowadays we have to combine pieces so they have a different color so that we do not steal their attention in our Look.So keep an eye on the news right so you can follow everything of more important in this fashion, for sure you will love it. Continue reading

5 Tips for You to Increase Your Sales of Handicrafts

  1. Hello Friend entrepreneur, all jewel? Today I want to have a little chat with you about sales of handicrafts. But first let me tell you a curious fact that happened to me, it’s all about our theme. In these my wanderings to study I came across a phrase that left me shocked: “the goal of marketing is to make selling superfluous.” What Kotler meant by that? As I processed a quote like that? Soon I’m chipped in sales. RS Continue reading

Black Legging, How to Use?

Hello Dear!

You must be wondering: and how to wear a black leggings? Is it suitable for all types of bodies? These questions can be answered through images that help us when assembling the looks. I think it is very important to collect images in this process of fashion style formation. I always cataloged those looks that caught my attention, so it’s easier to get them with what I have at home. Continue reading

How to Make Eyelashes Grow Faster

The desire of many women is to have beautiful eyelashes, long and full, and can be recovered with only a few camadinhas of mascara. For those who don’t enjoy this benefit, there are the famous false eyelashes, which are a real weapon of power to these vain. Now, if you would like to have eyelashes naturally highlighted how about betting on recipes that can help in the growth of eyelashes? Check out: Continue reading