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Ipad App Review: Toy Story Read-Along

The interactive picture book (Video inside).
In addition to Apple, there is another company, a certain Steve Jobs was not involved: Pixar.The animation studio had not only produced the first full-length and computer-animated feature film (Toy Story), but continues this series of success to this day-not a single flop has ever been delivered to the Kinokassen. Meanwhile, Pixar is owned by Disney, and Mr. Jobs is the supervisory board of the traditional company. A special strength of Disney was and is also the merchandising. It is not surprising that one also provides suitable apps for the iPad. The fact that this is “Toy Story Read-Along” ( App-Store-Link ) then free of charge, surprisingly positive, surprised.

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Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus

Lenovo today has renewed its range with lots of products: Smartphones, convertible and tablet suitable for work; just missing a device focused entertainment—the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus a device that actually seems to have all the credentials to satisfy the cinephile in mobility.

The display 2 k with Technicolor Color Enhance Technology and sound even with certificationDolby Atmos make us understand that this Tab 3 Plus is focused to multimedia. Continue reading

Linux Android Dual Boot Tablet

$100 for a taste of Android and Linux in dual-boot on a tablet with 7 inch (but there is also the model 10 “) seem almost an offer not to refuse, and this PengPod 700 could be just one of many solutions in this regard that we see emerging in the coming months. With the field of cheap tablet invaded by that tenant uncomfortable is the Nexus 7, to continue to survive those first proliferated in the area have some reinvent themselves, and with the growing interest of Canonical to the mobile segment, what better way that revive the never too popular dual-boot systems?

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Novelty Kitchen Decor with Gum

We’ve done another story showing bathrooms decorated with lozenges and pleased so much that we decided to show other interesting options for you to wear pads on your home and decorate it with great style and good taste.

The pills are a trend in decorating that attracts more and more people, since they are super beautiful and practical, giving a new face to the environments. The idea we brought today is for decoration of kitchens with gum! Yes! Kitchens are a great place to apply the glass pads (or ceramic) since they are easy to clean and look great is just one piece of the wall behind the sink or entire walls.

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Tablet with Umbrella? 

Summer is one of the warmest periods not only in terms of temperatures, but also technological purchases. The boom in sales it typically has between the second half of July and the first week of August, accomplices often offers, at a loss and local initiatives. Yesterday was a day rich in promotions (valid still today many) but few have seen protagonists Tablet. If you are looking for a good low end but still with a good balance between size and performance, the ASUS MeMO Pad 8 “might be a good choice to” umbrella “or to entertain maybe your kids with a carton during long journeys. Continue reading