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How to Use: Halloween Looks

Today, the 31st, I decided to anticipate a little how to use (which usually comes on Thursdays) to give ideas to the girls who will participate in thematic parties. Even though it is Halloween, a celebration borrowed from the Americans, a lot of people enjoy to make great parties with the theme! In addition to the costumes, I’ve selected videos with makeup and nail art tutorials to inspire you! Continue reading

Outfit Je M’appelle

The weather does not fit again, but I want to show you my new things already today, because I am in love! Some time ago I became the Onlineshop out site if I would not like to try a few products. When I looked at the onlineshop a little closer, I realized very quickly that the things just fit perfectly to me. I love the French language (even though I have hardly left anything after 2 years of French lessons) and the cool sayings on the shirts! The trendy parts are very sporty cut and I noticed, this look I have worn for years! I used to often wear this loose shirt, where you showed a shoulder, and usually sneaker. After my first office job, however, the whole had changed and my shirts were replaced by blouses and high heels. Now I’m doing my second training and try to adapt to the clothing. Continue reading


Every woman should know that for each type of breast there is an indicated bra.However, some women still have doubts about which model to buy, or which is the best color, among thousands of other doubts of the female audience. There are models that serve to provide more comfort to the breasts, others to support them. Among so many varieties and models you need to know how to choose the right piece for you to feel comfortable with. Know which are the best models of bras that every woman should have in her wardrobe. Continue reading

How to Wear Palazzo Pants

Like wearing palazzo pants

Along with those culottes, palazzo pants are perhaps the chief of trend for 2016. In light fabrics for summer or heavier for the winter, it must have at least one in your wardrobe, whatever their physical. This type of pants, in fact, fits a bit ‘all, from curvy to the leanest, from high to minute, just choose the model best suited to him. For tall women and lean is granted almost everything, even the palazzo pants patterned. For curvy, better opt for solid color, especially blue and black, combined with romantic blouses. The bassine minute and will slim the figure choosing palazzo pants with a high waist and wearing high heels. We see the best combinations to do. Continue reading

How to Dress During Pregnancy

I know from experience: dressing up in pregnancy may not be always easy and rewarding. Especially if you take a ride in the shops, you will realize how the look for those who are pregnant seems anything but maintained or enhanced. The corner stores devoted to maternity clothing are often sloppy, sloppy, messy… whenever in any store I tried to get close to the maternity section, I came up with a great sadness, I admit.

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Ladies’ Cardigan With v-Neck

Women’s cardigans with v-neck enjoying permanent popularity thanks to its elegance, slušivosti and convenience. V-neck creates under the central part of each character-under face-space, which allows a perfect tuning of the entire outfit (by combining the blouses, a sweater, and other accessories) and the vertical series of links creates a slimming line, which underlines the overall appearance.

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Clothing for Snow Skiing

Skiing holidays, began the period of the weekend on the snow and the selection of clothing and accessories for a perfect mountain look. To avoid mistakes absolutely the choice of outfits aimed at heads warm and keep you comfortable, they are simultaneously.

Before leaving for the ski vacation you absolutely have to pack shirts and plaid skirts and check and soft furs: Please note that I am absolutely out the real ones, so opt for synthetic and ecological ones, like the model in block colour jacquard design, from short cut and feminine fit. For a casual outfit, comfortable and Hillbilly can’t miss the denim, worn with a nice cashmere sweater under a poncho with reverse collar and embroidered folk motif. Green light to skinny jeans or oversized, worn with denim shirt and pull multicolor, perhaps with two reindeer like H & M. Continue reading