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Latam Announces that Per Checked Bag on Domestic Flights

As of March 14, airlines will be authorized to charge passengers for suitcases, according to ANAC regulations.

The Gol had already informed, in a statement, that”will have a cheaper fare class for those customers who are not the baggage and separately offer the option to purchase a franchise to be calculated per unit, according to the dimensions and weight stipulated… The The first will be cheaper than the second, which will be cheaper than the third. And so on”. However, Gol has not yet reported the price list. Continue reading

Why Maternity Bag

Prepare the suitcase of maternity is a special moment, moms like you choose with all the love and affection the first baby’s clothes. Typically, hospitals and maternity clinics give mothers-to-be a list with all items needed for the days that are going to be admitted, these lists help you enough time to prepare the purses.

It is advisable that the suitcase of maternity is ready, at least one month before the scheduled date of delivery, since it can happen the baby comes ahead of time and you might want to have everything ready. The more advisable is to prepare two separate bags, one with mom and other articles with articles, it should also separate the baby’s clothes in pantsuits, one day, can separate into individual sachets to be easier to identify. Continue reading