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Casual Summer Look

September is here and thus also the month begins with the official beginning of autumn. I’ve been busy the past few weeks “supposed” summer so much prefer to cuddle with my son there’s still fix a casual summer look from me. It is not spectacular, rather a little casual. But when Mommy, I like it rather convenient and practical. That this must however not always bleak look I can prove you today with my outfit. To shoot an outfit on the fly is difficult even a little with the little Prince. So he had to go with the image. Continue reading

Rolled Dresses Shopping

The dress is the most feminine part of every woman’s wardrobe and we know that there are many models and styles, but the little darling is the dress worn.

Straight from the 50’s, its main feature is the waist a little more marked and the lower part more loose, modeling the body and leaving the look very feminine and with a romantic touch.

The swirled dress can be used in more formal events such as weddings and graduations, or in more informal places such as a birthday. Continue reading

Culottes Gauchos Pants Skirt Patterns

They are called culottes but are no special underpants, or at least not anymore. They are the pants, the ones that were once defined skirt-pants and are among the fashion pieces that are driving you crazy foreign fashionistas

I do not know how many of you have already passed in the past but there was a period, between the late ’80s and early’ 90s that the skirts and pants made her king. I remember them because in my closet my mother was always trying to infilarcene some, because compared to classic trousers were softer and more comfortable than skirts, and they were the best, because functional and, once again, comfortable. But, you know,comfortable does not rhyme with fashion and time a breath that I am blown away. Continue reading

Men’s Must Have Shoes

All men should adorn his feet with these 4 classics

The phrase: “the shoes make the man” we have all heard, and there is something in it–you can get away with a little bit of all of the possible upper and lower parts of his outfit, but when you have the wrong shoes, then all of a sudden, everything feels pretty damn weird. Black boots in summer or in winter, sneakers in snöslasket just as wrong, and equally strange both. But with a just right well-stocked shoe rack, you can avoid these uncomfortable situations, all you need is actually 4 different pairs of shoes. It’s as simple as that.

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Women’s Shoes: Stay Fashionable Sneakers or Pumps

“A Woman With Good Shoes Is Never Ugly.” The Fashion Changes, The Trend Swings, The Patterns And Seams Win New Tones, But The Thought Of French Fashion Designer Coco Chanel Continues At High In The Dictionary Any Fashionista Woman. The Gshow, Then Set Up A Manual For You To Make Beautiful Shoes On The Beach, At Work, In A Movie Theater Or In A Meeting.

Dudu Farias, the personal stylist to the stars, taught some tricks to make you feel with your own Cinderella glass slipper. A tip: If you do not already have a nice shoes or a shoe model pumps, can invest because the two never, ever, under any circumstances will occupy a small space in your closet. “With jeans, skirt or dress they will fall right,” Dudu. Continue reading

How Choose a Coat

The subject today is how to choose a coat, which is one of the fundamental of each female closet and above all for the winter where you must highlight a beautiful image. Therefore not all they have well and often do not know what is the most suitable according to your physical build, height, color of skin, hair, etc.

Then I’m going to give some tips so you can choose a suitable shelter, that is not so complicated and mostly so that you know what is the most appropriate for you. Continue reading

What is The Bootcut Jeans

The legendary Bootcut Jean is making a comeback in the fashion world: In the fashion blog of Galeria Kaufhof learn all about the diverse styling possibilities.Before the skinny skinny conquered the world a few years ago the wardrobes of women, was another model as uncrowned queen of denim world: The Bootcut Jeans!

Since fashion trends are known to never last forever and the regency of Skinny slowly but surely coming to an end, now the Bootcut Jean returns to the fashion world.

Learn now in the last part of my jeans Troubleshooter all about the casual cult pants and their diverse styling possibilities!

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