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Infant Clothing Puc – Clothing for Boys, Girls and Babies

The PUC is one of the brands of the CIA Hering, being a reference in the market in children’s clothing and getting a great prominence by his incomparable releases. So, you have kids or want to present a child with the items of this brand, it’s worth checking the news released for boys and for girls this year. The following are the models of infant clothing PUC. Continue reading

Fashion Trends Summer!

Even started the winter right girls and I here talking about the 2016 summer, okay I’m anxious in grade ten will kkkkk, but the truth is, you already know that in the northern hemisphere’s summer season. Chanel has just released your collection Resort 2016, that means what will rock on the streets of our Brazil, has that old saying right, nothing is created, everything is copies (sunheepark Christ), but the clothes are inspired by the big brands to produce their collections , it is fact!. So I decided to talk about the “Tendências 2016 Summer fashion” today here on the blog, so we know what’s in the closet at the time of cleaning and also facilitates the choices at the time of the purchases. Continue reading

Gladiator Sandal:See How Not to Miss the Look!

Surely you have already seen and / or heard of the famous and controversial gladiator sandal.Footwear gained momentum last summer and was paraded on many catwalks and worn by celebrities and anonymous, but the truth is that the shoe inspired by the gladiators of Ancient Rome still causes many controversies.There are those who have already fully surrendered the proposal, but there are those who still have resistance by the model of strips that can stretch to knee height or are just up to the heel. Continue reading