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How to Use: Stamps Chess

The skirts of the Scots and the flannel shirt of the woodcutters are inspirations for this pattern that came back with everything in the 90’s with grunge. Chess, for me, is the stamp of winter. In fact, any winter. Arriving this colder season, we need prints that bring us back to coziness. Chess lately has been quite used in the summer as well, but I prefer to wear it in winter, especially if it is flannel texture. Continue reading

Tips on How to Combine Printed Clothing

Tips on how you should match your printed clothing

Women always walk elegant and beautiful all chic always have doubts of how to combine clothes printed with shoes or accessories always overload in the look and this can get strange and very ugly, many women spend lots of money to be fashionable always fashion now are the clothes printed with many models and different styles you can get even more beautiful and stylish with the tips of how to combine printed clothes with all kinds of accessories, or shoes or even with the makeup that can sometimes look ugly. Continue reading

Mode of Leisure: Excursion to the City

Finally, go back to the city, eat ice cream in the delicious ice cream parlor and then have some sightseeing! Regardless of whether you want to travel to the same city or to conquer a new city again and again:We have looked at 3 large German cities and tested them thoroughly. Which clothing is definitely in your suitcase and what activities for chubby, full, stout and prudent guys in which city come into question, read here! Continue reading