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The Look Right: Tailoring Jacket For Outdoor Activities

Hardly anyone considers incorporate an item of tailoring to a combination of parts devoted to outdoor activities, some of this is due to the logic that tells us to select items that are sturdy and comfortable, as much is because of the accommodation and the laziness of trying something new. This time we will show you how a piece like the vest of tailoring, which seemed out of place in the outdoor look, just falling right in the end. Continue reading

Flower Power Jogging Pants

Keep always an eye! That I do on my clothes, I have already reported. On the road, in shop Windows, newspapers and also on the Internet lots of ideas that I then interpret for me and try to implement can be found.

The inspiration for this outfit got from Instagram. More precisely by a posting of a friend from Stuttgart – Martin Rapp. I’ve seen the image and immediately asked him where he bought the pants. Continue reading

How to Wear Palazzo Pants

Like wearing palazzo pants

Along with those culottes, palazzo pants are perhaps the chief of trend for 2016. In light fabrics for summer or heavier for the winter, it must have at least one in your wardrobe, whatever their physical. This type of pants, in fact, fits a bit ‘all, from curvy to the leanest, from high to minute, just choose the model best suited to him. For tall women and lean is granted almost everything, even the palazzo pants patterned. For curvy, better opt for solid color, especially blue and black, combined with romantic blouses. The bassine minute and will slim the figure choosing palazzo pants with a high waist and wearing high heels. We see the best combinations to do. Continue reading

The White T-Shirt Guide

In the history of fashion and clothing culture, you can often determine individual periods at intervals of a decade. Memories of these fashion sections remain in people’s minds for a lifetime and be nurtured by finds on the floors of their parents and grandparents. This is probably also the reason why everything somehow, sometime on the catwalks of the fashion capitals returns. A special piece of clothing has over us all and firsthand witnessed almost every fashion era – times as a main component, often only as infill of outfits. The talk is of the white shirt. Continue reading