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Shoes for Brides

A detail that generally a good part of the brides don’t worry too much, the shoes are, sometimes, outsiders to the last place on the list of women’s accessories at the time of setting up the production of the wedding. While all eyes are directed to the dress, Veil, bouquet, honeymoon, and the like, the booties, bastards, await at the end of the line to be finally acquired by brides. Continue reading

Pajamas for Couples

The question may seem silly, but do you choose your pajamas? I mean, you know well you dress the night?

Ah ah…
good question.

Pajamas, it is above all a garment, in which one must feel good, a garment which should represent our personality, please us … Even the texture is important. Whether velvet, satin, silk or fleece, you will never look the same as the chosen pajamas. Besides, never choose pajamas based on its aesthetics but first in terms of comfort it gives you. If the satin is glamorous, it sticks to the skin tears easily… While the fleece is soft, warm and relatively solid.

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