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Vizzano Footwear View Releases: Buy on line on the Website

Vizzano Footwear View Releases–Buy Online on the Site, Models of New Collections

The Vizzano is a brand of footwear and women’s accessories famous for the quality and the design of its products. The great differential of the brand is the way the shoes are designed to provide maximum comfort and well being even in the high-heeled models. Continue reading

Gladiator Sandal:See How Not to Miss the Look!

Surely you have already seen and / or heard of the famous and controversial gladiator sandal.Footwear gained momentum last summer and was paraded on many catwalks and worn by celebrities and anonymous, but the truth is that the shoe inspired by the gladiators of Ancient Rome still causes many controversies.There are those who have already fully surrendered the proposal, but there are those who still have resistance by the model of strips that can stretch to knee height or are just up to the heel. Continue reading

Guide to Summer Shoes

Now he is finally here! Nationwide feeder keeps the summer and the prospects are excellent. Sunny times ahead us, and since the right summer shoes may not be missing. Today we want to introduce you to our favorites for summer and show how you combine them correctly and uses. While we looked at the most popular summer shoes.

To give you a good overview, we have the articles in the different types of shoes (sandals, Espadrilles, slip- on’s, boat shoes) split up and give to each of the types of tips & tricks, how you use the respective shoe types properly in scene. Of course we give up you also made recommendations with regard to the brands and models for the summer shoes, let’s go! Continue reading

List of Women’s Shoes Are Essential For a Good Closet

It is very easy to get lost on so many launches and trends.

Many women can’t choose those fundamental shoes that will help compose looks from a number of occasions.

The result of this is that for many it seems that there is a shoe available, which fits into the visual. There’s always the desire for a beautiful feminine shoe. If you have the right shoes in your closet, will be able to use them at all times, without the need of a new pair.

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Women’s Shoes: Stay Fashionable Sneakers or Pumps

“A Woman With Good Shoes Is Never Ugly.” The Fashion Changes, The Trend Swings, The Patterns And Seams Win New Tones, But The Thought Of French Fashion Designer Coco Chanel Continues At High In The Dictionary Any Fashionista Woman. The Gshow, Then Set Up A Manual For You To Make Beautiful Shoes On The Beach, At Work, In A Movie Theater Or In A Meeting.

Dudu Farias, the personal stylist to the stars, taught some tricks to make you feel with your own Cinderella glass slipper. A tip: If you do not already have a nice shoes or a shoe model pumps, can invest because the two never, ever, under any circumstances will occupy a small space in your closet. “With jeans, skirt or dress they will fall right,” Dudu. Continue reading

What is The Bootcut Jeans

The legendary Bootcut Jean is making a comeback in the fashion world: In the fashion blog of Galeria Kaufhof learn all about the diverse styling possibilities.Before the skinny skinny conquered the world a few years ago the wardrobes of women, was another model as uncrowned queen of denim world: The Bootcut Jeans!

Since fashion trends are known to never last forever and the regency of Skinny slowly but surely coming to an end, now the Bootcut Jean returns to the fashion world.

Learn now in the last part of my jeans Troubleshooter all about the casual cult pants and their diverse styling possibilities!

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