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Five Unknown Firms, Five Unnoticed Collections, Five Incredible Proposals (I)

It is true that many times we fall into the temptation of speaking only of what most know and all want to hear, either ready-to-wear signatures or the more commercial, more than anything because they are, in my view, the signatures that most you can easily find you in the shopping areas and therefore pick up your clothes case that you see something that really like you. But I have not counted (mea culpa) with a particularly potent factor as it is today online purchase. Continue reading

When You Buy a Backpack, Some Important Points Should Be Noted:

  •  Must be water-resistant.
  • Must have padding on the back, at the height of the shoulders and the waist.
  • Must allow air circulation (position of the padding).
  • Must have padded handles to protect the shoulders.
  • Must have a capacity between 45 and 55 litres.
  • Should preferably have an upper pocket for easy access.
  • Should preferably have independent opening at the bottom.
  • Should be as light as possible.
  • Must have handles, with possibility of adjustment on the front, chest and belly (barrigueira).
  • Should not be wider than the body.
  • For being a component from which all others depend, must be trusted brand.
  • It is recommended that the weight of the backpack, with all the material, does not exceed 10% of the body weight.
  • Should be adequate for trekking (long walks). Continue reading