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Not Just What Young Plus Size Fashion!

Young plus size fashion and comics – does that work well together? Comics have fascinated generations of people and marked.Tim & Struppi, Asterix & Obelix, Snoopy, fix & Foxi, the world of Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Tom & Jerry, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and… I could go on cheerfully so. It also shows that comics are a part of our society. A means of expression that tell a story just as well without much pages full of text can as it can convey emotions and actions. Comics have their own an language: quickly clear Booooom, Arrrrg, POW, BAM – and us something happened right now. The women in the comics were (often timeless unimaginative) – always with the spirit dressed in tight-fitting Super costumes, which did everything (everything!), never are slipping (bam), always perfectly sat (how did that just do that?) and brought their physical attributes particularly well (huh!).

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Flower Power Jogging Pants

Keep always an eye! That I do on my clothes, I have already reported. On the road, in shop Windows, newspapers and also on the Internet lots of ideas that I then interpret for me and try to implement can be found.

The inspiration for this outfit got from Instagram. More precisely by a posting of a friend from Stuttgart – Martin Rapp. I’ve seen the image and immediately asked him where he bought the pants. Continue reading

About the Cardigan

In the most troubled season of the year, the spotlight returned to light up on the menswear must-haves: the jerseys. Present in several models, the jerseys are the ideal ally to face unstable temperatures of autumn, shielding himself from the first cold, without sacrificing elegance and class. Indispensable for the contemporary male business must embrace the silhouette jerseys, wrapping it. Oversized or too tight measures must be avoided. If Basic and neutral shades are fine declined to anyone and also the most important physical rushes. In the male wardrobe can’t miss: cardigan, round neck and v-neck sweaters.

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The White T-Shirt Guide

In the history of fashion and clothing culture, you can often determine individual periods at intervals of a decade. Memories of these fashion sections remain in people’s minds for a lifetime and be nurtured by finds on the floors of their parents and grandparents. This is probably also the reason why everything somehow, sometime on the catwalks of the fashion capitals returns. A special piece of clothing has over us all and firsthand witnessed almost every fashion era – times as a main component, often only as infill of outfits. The talk is of the white shirt. Continue reading

AVIA – The New Plus Size Fashion Collection

The young fresh plus size fashion label our site by our site Hamada surprised again and again with unusual ideas, cuts and material combos. Currently, her new collection, AVIA has baptized them, and that you not long have to wait. Officially, the large size is fashion April to buy on line. If you want to wait that long, and you already feel like on the one or the other piece from the collection – or several pieces – then over the our site newsletter sign up. With the access code sent to can you at our site on line shop. By the way: Our site Heidrich designs fashion not only for dress size 42 +, but also for smaller sizes. Go to their Web site and the newsletter: AVIA. Continue reading

Plus Size Outfit with a Touch of Orient

Okay, I admit it – I really love plus size outfit s with all-over print. Why? Because I just with patterned garments often much more comfortable feel as flat in. Therefore it has done with equal our site’s tunic with its Oriental ornaments.

So get on the next outfit inspiration in large sizes. This time, the Key piece is the just mentioned plus size tunic by our site. Cut here is casual and long cut and nice detail she has trumpet sleeves, which are easily gathered on the lower arm with an elastic band. The V-neck is the perfect size for my cleavage. The material is shiny gold Satin with this great colorful Oriental print plus size tunic. The tunic is light and the satin touch is very high quality. Another plus for the tunic – the seat plus size tunic is the size specification of our site. Continue reading

Oversized Tops

Women like men above the normal clothing sizes have not always easy shopping. The “bar” pretends often insufficient variety in the correct dimensions, and even if they do, these articles are not always optimal. Online stores have made this point for improvement, as the range by multiples has grown. In addition, the brand-name manufacturers have recognized oversized people as important and lucrative market-hence also the collections have been adapted more and more.

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Plus Size Swimwear Tankinis

There are many styles of two-piece swimsuits for plus size women to think about. A two-piece dress gives flexibility to enjoy a range of activities. Whether you are swimming for exercise or just looking for a dress for your vacation, you can see and feel on a two-piece swimsuit.

Tankinis to Sizes

A tankini is a two piece swimsuit that looks good on almost everyone. It gives the impression of a dress a bit, but it offers the ease and comfort of wearing two pieces. The top resembles a tank top, and can be found in a variety of styles. Tankini tops offer thin straps or wide straps, a variety of bra styles, and are available in colors and cuts to fit every body type. Some retailers can combine a tankini top and bottom of your choice. You can choose a traditional swimsuit bottom, swim shorts or swim skirt. With this kind of flexibility, you can definitely find a dress that fits your needs.

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