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The Tr�NEN of Heaven

Myths and legends have grown up around the emergence of the Pearl. It is called the daughter of Mughal Emperor shed once millions of tears, as the wedding was eluding them with her lover. Out of pity, always compassionate God Krishna turned tears into pearls that are found in the Indian Ocean in large numbers since then. Beads and tears, this connection was over the millennia, so even yet 1772 Gotthold Ephraim Lessing his impending doom of foreboding Emilia Galotti could put the famous quote in the mouth:”Pearls mean tears.” Continue reading

Headbands to Hold Hair Back

Do you have long hair? You want to change your look, but you want to keep your long hair 45 meter? You want a haircut trend for a max of € 5.95 budget? You dreams of the bobo-cool look with Mischa Barton and Nicole Richie but denim slim + loose tank top + loose vest you like especially Lisa Plenske? Looking in vain for a way to ditch your bangs and tame the IPS that earned you the nickname of Fonzi at work? I have the solution: the headbands to hair across the forehead. Tadaaaah!

Continue reading

How about Inviting the Bridesmaids with a Piece of Jewelry?

This is the proposal of Bridesmaid Giftline, created by Danish Pandora jewelry. The idea is that brides present your bridesmaids, in the Act of invitation, with a beautiful piece that has the style of them. Thinking in this way, each sponsor can have your own piece of jewelry that will last forever as well as the friendship that unites them. Continue reading

How to Save Pearl?

Old Make New…
Pearls have stimulated the imagination has always been and were considered jewellery of K matter. Since fr hesten times they were taken in gold, pulled on the chains, and processed to valuable Schmuckst press. Her incomparable L ster and discreet Orient lie en some Pearl Jewelry are centuries ago to the legend. A necklace or earrings made of real pearls marked the tr ger or the Tr gerin as significant. Continue reading

Stunning And Pompous – Jewelry Must-Haves 2017

The jewelry trend direction in the coming season mighty Royals but absolutely viable. What exactly does that mean? Our favorite accessories lift us 2017 immortalized in a new dimension of jewellery with allover chain in military broadcasting, tassels on the ears and fancy everyday utensils, pieces of jewelry. The new fashion movement may be so unusual, so suitable accessories, to either a clean outfit to put on the Crown of the statement or the big show with a simple touch are the excitement glamour to take. Continue reading

About Akoya Pearls

The pearl formation period in the case of Akoya may be limited to eight months. Despite this, farmers usually wait one or two years before proceeding with the harvest (favoring larger and higher quality). The nacre thickness is related to the length of cultivation period, but there are other factors that affect the ability of an oyster to deposit the layers of nacre and they are: his health conditions and the company’s methods. Continue reading

Bracelets Themselves Make Men

The modern man wears like jewelry! A bracelet or earring simply belongs to his dressing room. Especially the bracelets are currently really a big hit. You can be nicely combined, also with a clock.

Men’s bracelets are similar to the women’s bracelets in the base of course, but I’m doing that then something stronger. Not so playful and colorful. It will be a bit harder. Is for a man. Precious stones such as agate, Jasper, lava, and Tiger’s eye are particularly well suited for a man bracelet. Also wood and silver beads fit perfectly. It must not necessarily be in the leather/Biker look.
I did of course several bracelets. The most practical solution is to thread the elastic wire . Quick to make and easy to combine. I myself wear together like multiple bracelets. Continue reading