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Women’s Shirts

The Women’s Working Shirts feature beautiful and stylish models, all to make you even more beautiful for that occasion as well. so know more about these new models of clothes because today companies are much more demanding when it comes to clothing, and that’s why people are going very well dressed for these occasions as well. Today the Look inside the company counts a lot, and the company values ​​the employee who is well dressed as well. Continue reading

What Jeans Suits Me?

Trend form harem trousers

What jeans suits me? Sara has a long torso and shorter legs compared to. The narrow tapered down jeans (small photo), in which she came to us in the Studio, exacerbated this effect. Better: these shoes with a heel, which stretch a harem trousers, casual far sitting on the leg, in addition. Jeans by s.Oliver, around 60 euros. Light grey T-Shirt with a comic printed by Sisley, approximately 27 euros. Diagonal striped vest by Marc O’Polo, about 100 euros. Belt: Zucchero. High heels: Vic Matié. Continue reading

Are Cropped Pants in Style 2015

After the culotte pants, cropped pants arrive, the new trend for fall winter 2015-2016.We discover the coolest models from the catwalks, the versions low cost and how to wear them

Cropped pants trend

Distinguishing features: short, ankle, possibly over and high life. Soft tweed, hard cloth or skin, cropped trousers, or cut to the ankle, they are one of the leading apparel trend Fall Winter 2015-2016 .

Trousers cropped at the ankle: AI 2015 2016 trend | PHOTOS (41 images)The cropped pants or cut ankle is one of the major trends in clothes for autumn winter, here are the most beautiful models and how to wear them(source: Getty Images) Continue reading

Culottes Gauchos Pants Skirt Patterns

They are called culottes but are no special underpants, or at least not anymore. They are the pants, the ones that were once defined skirt-pants and are among the fashion pieces that are driving you crazy foreign fashionistas

I do not know how many of you have already passed in the past but there was a period, between the late ’80s and early’ 90s that the skirts and pants made her king. I remember them because in my closet my mother was always trying to infilarcene some, because compared to classic trousers were softer and more comfortable than skirts, and they were the best, because functional and, once again, comfortable. But, you know,comfortable does not rhyme with fashion and time a breath that I am blown away. Continue reading