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Nail Polish from the Siberian Call Le

Just over 2 weeks ago, I stumbled upon the new Catrice LE “Siberian Call”. Since I had little time, I could only take a quick look at it and found amazed that all the copies of the eyeshadow “Rest In The Forest” were already out of print and only one of the nail varnish C04 “Rest In The Forest” stood around. The rest was completely unaffected! This of course always attracts special attention. The must-have feeling that generally prevails with Limited Editions (you could miss the next ultimate hype product!), Was strengthened by the fact that there was only a nail polish of this apparently so desired color. My brain stopped at short notice (I do not want to know exactly how many virgin nail polishes I own!) And I hastily carried the nail polish to the cash desk. In the meantime, I have tried it already and since 5 days on the nails, so I can write you today a review to it. Continue reading

Bobbi Brown Nail Polish–“Red Valentine”

The pink paint → “pink Valentine” from the “pink + red collection” by Bobbi Brown, I had already shown you – is the second “Red Valentine” a classic red, as it already is in the name, and a perfect Valentine’s day paint. Valentines day is around even longer, but for that the Sun is shining outside and if I behind on my outfits in terms of color, it should be colorful at least on the nails.For more color and finally spring! Continue reading

Make a Stylish Nail Art in Shades of White and Red


If you are passionate about glazes and love always have their eyes on you, what could be better than two beautiful manicured hands and sensual? I will teach you to make a stylish nail art on the tones of white and red suits women and girls of all ages. I chose two colors that never fade, are fine at any time of the year and annually accompany any fashion. The realization is simple average, a little patience will be enough for a great final effect. The cost is negligible, and especially compared to the price of beauty center, is practically nil. An operation of this kind would make you spend a minimum 20/25 Euro.

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Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

I am very pleased that I am part of the new Sally Hansen campaign “Strong Women -strong Nails”, because it is about power women, their greatest strengths and most important courage. I also had to ask myself in which situation I felt as a strong woman. Not an easy question, because in the whole day-to-day life, women sometimes forget that there is a power woman in us all.

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