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Super Phones for Super Types

Internet, multimedia, design, apps or features for the business: smart phones are the Swiss army knife of mobile phones. But what is especially important to you in a smart phone? With our buying tips, you will find your personal Super phone that fits perfectly to your needs.

Include Internet and E-Mail for smart phones long mobile everyday, as well as recording and playback of photos, videos or music in reasonable quality. Many of the all-rounder also really chic look and can be extended with numerous apps almost anywhere. And who would like to use his cell phone for Office tasks, access to an appropriately equipped business model. Continue reading

3 Saving Smartphone Tips For The Summer

The summer is here and he brings sunshine, lukewarm nights and a good mood. Well, even one or other thunderstorm must not be missing. As much as we look forward to the long days and the higher temperatures, the summer also has its shadows. For example, for our mobile phones.In order to make sure that the warm season is undamaged, we have three essential smartphone tips for the summer. Continue reading

Dispose Of The Old Smartphone Correctly

You are happy about your new smartphone, you have everything ready, the contacts are transferred and you are in the intoxication of the feelings about your achievement. But what happens with the old device? In many households, old smartphones often only land in the drawer and bum there in front of them. Or even worse: they end up in the normal rubbish bin.This also applies to computers and other electrical appliances. Unfortunately the improper disposal of the old electronics is a heavy burden for the environment. So if you can not sell your old smartphone, we show you how to dispose of it in an orderly and environmentally friendly manner. Continue reading

The Smartphone Of The Future

For some years now, the latest manufacturers of smartphones have announced the latest products with a Ballyhoo that every possible buyer thinks: “This is now, this is my mobile phone, which is so superior to the devices of my friends and relatives That they are immediately infected with youngsters”. What comes out? A slight update, perhaps a somewhat clearer display, with the differences really only being seen in direct comparison, or once again quadrupling the kernels in the processor. Oh yes, of course, the display once again a jaw larger, so it looks even more ridiculous when someone presses a device the size of a serving tablet to the ear. There have been no real innovations for a long time. Well, the supposedly bendable iPhone was already a brüller, but not a desired innovation. The little flexibility that many mobile phones present today is not necessarily the knee of the bee. Continue reading