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Makeup Tips to Make Eyes Round

Tips on how to do a makeup to make your eyes round

Many women always want to be in the makeup always elegant and beautiful plus the makeup that are most used today are the makeup to leave the eyes round, many women always want to come out with different make-ups, each occasion use a different makeup tips Make-up to leave the eyes round will help you look even more beautiful and elegant, because a well-made makeup is part of the look too so stay tuned in the makeup tips to make your eyes round and start doing it at home. Continue reading

Makeup Tips to Make Small Eyes

Tips on How to Make a Makeup to Make Your Eyes Small

Many women like and always want to be well-made for any occasion, the most used makeup today are the makeup to make the eyes small, the makeup tips to leave small eyes will help you look even more beautiful and elegant with the make-up and always have a different makeup for any occasion be it bar, restaurant, ballad, or even family party, you should always be with a very beautiful and elegant makeup, the makeup tips to let the little eyes will help you stay chic with makeup. Continue reading

Makeup for New Year Step by Step – 2015

December is almost over and you need to prepare for the great comeback! It is very important that we start the year right, we’re right with life and we samethes. and for this, nothing better than to increase self-esteem, isn’t it? Get your hair, choose the right outfit and of course, make ideal! Choose a makeup for new year super step-by-step practical and beautiful for you! Serves as much to spend on the beach, in family, in a ballad …

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