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Makeup for New Year Step by Step – 2015

December is almost over and you need to prepare for the great comeback! It is very important that we start the year right, we’re right with life and we samethes. and for this, nothing better than to increase self-esteem, isn’t it? Get your hair, choose the right outfit and of course, make ideal! Choose a makeup for new year super step-by-step practical and beautiful for you! Serves as much to spend on the beach, in family, in a ballad …

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Asos Makeup Sale

I love to shop online, and I select carefully the products and sites where to buy. I turn to make up quality but with an eye to price and offerings. Since I like to share my little ‘discoveries’ with her ​​friends, today I thought I would reveal my favorite products of makeup available on the English site Asos!

As you know Asos is an online store that offers clothing, footwear, accessories, but also make-up products, skincare, bodycare, hair care and hair styling. Continue reading

Black Pencil Makeup

Make up with black pencil: here is the news and trends for autumn winter 2015-2016! The black pencil is one of those products for the make up that can not miss in the beauty case. This winter, however, the eye pencil is used in various ways and not only to the inner rim. Discover all make up trends to achieve the eye makeup!

The black pencil is one of the most used makeup products, with which to create different types of looks. This product is considered an evergreen, which can make you look defined and magnetic. For a natural look, apply black pencil only in the inner rim of the eye and sfumatela slightly below the lower waterline. To emphasize more the look, apply black pencil in upper eye rhyme. Continue reading

Look Instantly Younger: Makeup Tricks With Wow Effect

Clearly, with color you can conjure up really. We know that stars and top models unvarnished usually also completely unspectacular look, since more and more magazines show the celebs even without makeup. And of course can loose a couple of years away cheat and make sure that we – fresh or seductive look depending on the color and occasion – a clever make-up.Today I wanted to even show you how professional make-up tricks make for a real young kick and make every woman the quick-change.Here is a photo of the unvarnished models first, so you better recognize the effect of makeup colors then applied can 😉 Continue reading

Blue Makeup Trend 2016

Among the best make up trends for spring summer 2016 does not go unnoticed blue charm, declined in a myriad of shades ranging from dark blue to cyan. We discover together the nuance in coming together to spring!

Maybe it’s still too cold to enjoy the new trends for spring summer 2016, but in the meantime, let’s take a look at a preview of the new trend for make up, starting right from those who will be the most popular colors for next season. Continue reading