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Makeup for New Year Step by Step – 2015

December is almost over and you need to prepare for the great comeback! It is very important that we start the year right, we’re right with life and we samethes. and for this, nothing better than to increase self-esteem, isn’t it? Get your hair, choose the right outfit and of course, make ideal! Choose a makeup for new year super step-by-step practical and beautiful for you! Serves as much to spend on the beach, in family, in a ballad …

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Contact Lenses and Makeup: 10 Makeup Rules

Applying the primer to the foundation here is the rules to follow in order not to have problems with make up if you wear contact lenses.

If often you wear contact lenses you’ll find useful to know the basic rules for a make up no problems. If you’ve always wondered what products are best avoided and which, on the other hand, there is a green light, you just have to read our 10 rules.

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