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Fashion Secrets Special Valentines Men’s Underwear

We all know that men like to enjoy a beautiful lingerie in a woman, but will they know that women also like they watch the wear under your clothes?

If you don’t, you know Wed women valued as much or more than the way you wear under your clothes.

Don’t panic because for being Valentine’s day the language explains what women want when it comes to men’s underwear. Continue reading

9 Amazing Trends of NYFW Spring!

The NYFW Spring 2016 already finished and, as always, it’s interesting to do a summary of the trends more views of the station. That way, we know what really goes into the streets and which parts will be a long-term investment for the next season. Usually accompany virtually all the parades of fashion weeks, so have alook trained“to identify shapes, molds and similar details-separated 9 trends that have been most viewed on NYFW for you stay in the news, come with me! Continue reading

Sports Bra for Riding

Kalenji brings a touch of color in the monochrome before field of sports underwear

“20 we have the face nature gave us, to 50 years we got what we deserve.” Did you know that quote from the innenarable Coco Chanel? This saying applies also to breasts, riding a little rough.

It’s not much, and yet the sports bra is a must for keeping the rider. It ensures a pleasant and comfortable practice, and preserves the beauty of our breasts. Some details about the most discreet part of our wardrobes of riders. Continue reading

Choose Cotton Underwear

Cotton undergarments are essential in the world of classical lingerie. Today cotton underwear is not old-fashioned. It is modern and trendy. It is decorated with all kinds of fancy and she is sexy. Cotton trousers, cotton string, cotton bra, cotton babydoll, cotton body and other high-value below give you comfort and mobility. Find all the ideal is not always easy. Why wear lingerie cotton? How to choose cotton underwear? To help you choose your cotton lingerie, here is some information. Continue reading

Lands’ End: Zoom On Swimsuits

Summer is back for the enjoyment of all.This season marks the beginning of the weather, outings, and especially of the holiday. Be aware, however, that this season so much appreciated by good number of us revives a concern for many women. A concern that turns out to be a real torture for most of them, finding the right swimsuit. Yes, the swimsuit that will allow them to have a silhouette sublime on the beach, the one in which they feel comfortable and which will be both chic and trendy. Continue reading