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Review Akg N60nc

We tested the headset that promises a unique experience of bass, treble and noise reduction in a product for day to day.Is it worth it?

AKG is already an old acquaintance of those looking for comfortable, high-performance headphones.The recently launched N60NC in Brazil, which has a new noise canceling system, can increase the performance of the product by 40% compared to previous models, according to the manufacturer. Continue reading

Ultralight Sleeping Bag Reviews

Ultralight Sleeping Bag: comfort and skin feel

You lie you again in Cumulus LiteLine 400, the skin feels in combination with the soft down to very pleasant. In Synthetic sleeping bags (also newer) I feel a very different feel to the skin and feel total uncomfortable when in a down sleeping bag. In size fits me (197cm, 90kg, slim), the XL version of Lite Line 400 very good and I can if necessary also my ultralight down jacket or aticking * use inside.

Although the cushion effect logically is much lower in a sleeping bag, as in asleeping pad, I found the filling under me but extremely pleasant and noticeable. There are soft when not all down to the sides, but a small charge you always lie to themselves. I also have a feeling that odors are strongly taken not particularly of the sleeping bag, or simply ventilate quickly escape.

Continue reading

A2J Bikes

A manufacturer of hand-built carbon fiber frames in the absolute world class? In Sweden? Bicycling meets the passionate enthusiasts behind the Swedish high end brand Rolo.

Two A and one J-Anders, Adam and Jon – is behind the company A2J and the new super lightweight customramen Rolo. A high-tech bike luxury projects produced in Sweden. Bicycling has met Adam and Anders.

Production of Rolo has only just begun, but already is under worldwide in selected circuits.The bike that was shown at Eurobike in August 2012 brädade many lättviktskonkurrenter through its 4.7 kg. The frame alone weighed in at 640 grams. But it’s not just the light weight that makes Rolo unique. Prospective owners will receive a frame that is also supposed to be tailored to the preferences, personal characteristics and purpose. Continue reading