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How to Dress During Pregnancy

Also during pregnancy do not give up ever to feel beautiful and feminine. Tips to feel beautiful and comfortable even with the bump

SOno pregnant what should I wear? One of the main concerns when dealing with a pregnancy. Actually you can be beautiful and easy-going even with the bump. Easy to say, of course, especially if you have a big belly are Michelle Hunziker (to give birth) or Belen Rodriguez. Yet while pregnant, you know, every woman becomes more beautiful. And also could no longer wear skinny jeans or miniskirts, does not mean you can’t be sexy and elegant. In other words: “Pregnant à la page”. Just highlight the strengths (the busty, for example) and not “wring” over the shapes. Not only for aesthetics, but also for the well-being of the mother and child.

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How to Use T-Shirt With Crack

Sweetheart of the fashionistas on duty, the t-shirt with crack is certainly the “it” of the moment. Most have side slits, but some models have on the front and the other on the back. It’s not very easy to find this item in plus size macaws, but I was lucky to find something in the teen Renner macaws served me. I believe that soon the plus size brands should produce this national model. Including the Xica Vain released a maxi, which is almost a dress and you can find here.

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Warm Leggings for Winter

Winter is the best season for all accessories where their goal is to keep you warm. It is also the best season to make overlays. When it snows, it is cold and that it must be warm, it is no better ways to do that by adding still more of pretty accessories her outfit (“less is more”, as saying). And if there is an accessory that perfectly illustrates the warm winter look and cozy, the leggings! Continue reading

Different Ways to Wear Leggings

I love leggings. Not only because they are super comfortable (they are!), but because you can dress them up as you please. Here are 9 ways to wear leggings and rock. And no, bring them to your yoga class is not one of them.

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9 façons de porter Rock Leggings

Match solid Leggings or patterned with a pretty blouse. My preference is chiffon, but there are so many options! Continue reading

How to Dress During Pregnancy

I know from experience: dressing up in pregnancy may not be always easy and rewarding. Especially if you take a ride in the shops, you will realize how the look for those who are pregnant seems anything but maintained or enhanced. The corner stores devoted to maternity clothing are often sloppy, sloppy, messy… whenever in any store I tried to get close to the maternity section, I came up with a great sadness, I admit.

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Types of Maternity Underwear

Maternity leggings

You can be comfortable and look good by filling your wardrobe of all colors and in all styles maternity leggings. Choose soft tights in stretch fabric that place themselves under your beautiful belly and offer the most comfort, or choose stretchy leggings that go back over your belly for more warmth and comfort during the change of seasons. Leggings can be matched with elegant empire style blouses or high fluid of peasant style for a look that is flattering and avant-garde. Work at leisure, the flexible and tight leggings, and synthetic blends facts will allow your wardrobe to hold on until childbirth. Continue reading