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How to Calculate the Amount of Necessary Lamps

Know how many bulbs you must use per square meter is always a recurring issue, both for those who are going through a reform at home and for professionals. As each room presents several variables (Windows, chosen color for the walls, etc.), it is advisable to call a lighting designer to perform this task. But it is also possible that you even make that calculation, and we’ll teach you how. Continue reading

Test Date: Four Verbatim Led Lamps

To the led “Retrofit”-providers that were never tested in this blog belongs to verbatim. The subsidiary of the Japanese “Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group”sure know as a manufacturer of storage devices and computer accessories, but not as a great power in the light industry yet. What use are the expensive verbatim lamps? A first test Quartet from a series for LED foodies who don’t need to look at every penny. Continue reading

Flashlight Head Ff120 100 Lumens 100 Meters Beal

A flashlight with two light sources surprisingly powerful in terms of its size: 120 lumens in maximum mode with still 120 meters range weighing only 96 grams.

The FF 120 is highly suitable for all demanding outdoor activities such as mountaineering and trail running. It offers the choice between long, focused lighting (when moving quickly), or a wide beam for near use. Continue reading

Vintage Style LED Decoration

Style lamps: Vintage o Retro?

Speaking of Vintage, we refer to the lamps to the design of several years ago but who cannot yet consider themselves to be real antiques. Not to be confused with the term “RETRO” which refers to objects manufactured today with a style and antique design. They’re both very similar terminology but with a small differential shade.

Continue reading

R7s LED Flashlight By “Del-Ko”

Light and electricity-guzzling halogen rods are intended to replace, so far but rarely meet the high expectations: R7s-“Retrofit”-ledlamps. One has adopted are now two privately purchased copies with smoke and stench, after not even two years and less than 1000 hours of light.

The starting point: Halogen rods with an enormous hunger of power used in countless floor lamps, ceiling floodlights and spotlights. 100, 150, or even 300 watt are here rather middle-class as a tip. These lamps are excellent heat suppliers and implement only 5 to 10 percent of their power consumption in light. After all, they are all dimmable without any problems and can be operated therefore theoretically also with reduced power. Continue reading

Underwater DivingLED Flashlight

LED. the term “LED” stands for “Light Emitting Diode”, or “light emitting diode”.LEDs are increasingly being used in the lighting field to replace some conventional light sources. In the latest models for professional use the light output is around 120 lumens per watt, at a minimum.

Their use in underwater scope makes them a respectable source with its efficiency 90 lumens per watt. By comparison just think that an incandescent lamp has a luminous efficiency of about 20 lumens per watt while a halogen lamp of 25-35 lumens per watt and a linear fluorescent up to 104 lumens per watt. Their lighting is that limit their emission characteristics and duration are strongly influenced by the characteristics of power and dissipation. In fact, LEDs need stable current and dissipation and contrary to other light sources the heat is generated in the rear of the illuminator. Continue reading

What is the Difference Between LED and Regular Light Bulbs

“Writing responding you”


“Classics and LED bulbs: what is the difference in lighting?

Answer: no difference in terms of brightness.

There is no visible difference: the level of brightness is the same! The naked eye, it is impossible to guess whether such fixture works with a LED bulb or a conventional bulb. The difference is that LED bulbs are manufactured with new technology. It allows to produce what might be called “green bulbs”. They contain no mercury or lead. Continue reading