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Trade Fair Appearance in Redefin on Life Exhibition

High-quality hands-on: Lederbags.de on the “way of life”

Fair date 31 May to 2 June 2013

Lederbags.de on tour! Shoulder bags, briefcases or natural leather bag: Visitors to the fair “Way of life” can convince local high-quality offer of online shops for leather goods . The well-kept grounds of the state stud of Redefin is backdrop for many exhibitors with attractive offers in the areas of home, garden and lifestyle once again from 31 May to 2 June 2013. Continue reading

Colorful Leather Clothing

The colorful leather clothes came to fashion to bring everything of more interesting to the Look of the woman, so be sure to check the news and trends in today’s post, why we are sure you will love these news.Know that nowadays we have to combine pieces so they have a different color so that we do not steal their attention in our Look.So keep an eye on the news right so you can follow everything of more important in this fashion, for sure you will love it. Continue reading

How to Wear: Leather Skirt

In the past post, Lays asked in the comments for us to talk some more about leather pieces. As I already posted here in JL How to Wear:Leather Jackets and Leather Short, today I will talk about the skirts, which Lia loves so much (do you remember her looks? This, this, this and this are my favorites!) And that are so interesting for this winter.I’ll post on leather pants too, but in the next post! Continue reading

Review: Wallet Chimp Sleeve, to Take the Essential

Talk TIME, everything okay with you? 🙂 OOPS, have Review today on the Blog? Yes, and it’s a subject, a subject that many of you ask me. I separated the space today to share with you my impressions, my opinion on the Wallets of the Chimp, the first national brand exclusively focused on segment of Slim Wallets of high quality… So bora pro post meet and see all this?  Continue reading


Everything is subject to certain laws; this is particularly true of trends.Usually, they are not very durable, are placed and then when they know almost everyone, they are also already out again.Not so with the trends that we encounter in the area of ​​wrist watches.Clock centers are never short-lived, they develop much slower than their trend-conscious colleagues from the fashion sector.And once they have developed, they can not drive away so quickly.Clock emitters are stable.However, the word “trend” already implies a change, a complete standstill will not be found here either.Well so, then it will not be boring in the really diverse sector of the wrist watches.The jumps, which they put thereby thereby are not large, but the actual bang is in the detail.In addition to their actual characteristics, they are colors and certain designs, which in spring and summer 2014 also direct our attention to very special models.I will tell you today what exactly that is. Continue reading

Sporty Bomber Jacket

Jackets are one of the fashion trends spring and summer 2016. Many ladies but not just think in bomber jackets at a potential new favorite. Give ‘Plus Size Jackets still a chance, because you can combine them very versatile and therefore create great looks!

Combine Sporty Bomber Jackets

Particularly sporty bomber jackets are college-style. However, all other jackets you can wear casual-best with jeans and a shirt or sneakers. In summer, go with it and ballerinas, but rather elegant pull the look in the direction instead of sporting.Especially for the summer, I would advise you in jeans models with bright blue wash-which acts overall friendly and fresher than jeans in black, gray or dark blue. Especially if you also wear a dark bomber jacket to otherwise it will quickly become gloomy and would be more of a look for fall.

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