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How to Wear: Pants Cargo

Do you remember the fever of the cargo pants in the 90s? I myself had several of those very large ones and always wore a tighter shirt. Years passed and now in charge has changed. Who knows for the best, right? The modeling of the cargo pants for the summer and winter of 2011 is fairer, in the military green color, to complete all this militaristic tendency. The person responsible for transforming the play was Balmain, in his 2010 summer parade. Jeans Brand J. Brand was responsible for making the trousers popular, for a much more price. While Balmain’s cargo pants are $ 2,000, J. Brand’s pants go for $ 230.And he took the famous ones! Continue reading

These 6 Pieces of Clothing Should Never be Worn

1. Top bustiers under shirt

It is a crazy, but at the same time provocative, trend: the sweet lace bralets, which are supposed to flash under a shirt.  This can look not only to a date, but also in everyday life pretty and elegant. If you are not working in a bank, the outfit can also be integrated into the job. Caution is, however, offered at the very first impression a future boss should make during a job interview. There should be no better associations. So always choose a top that does not risk a bra or bustier blitzer. After that, you can safely move again. Continue reading

Mode of Leisure: Excursion to the City

Finally, go back to the city, eat ice cream in the delicious ice cream parlor and then have some sightseeing! Regardless of whether you want to travel to the same city or to conquer a new city again and again:We have looked at 3 large German cities and tested them thoroughly. Which clothing is definitely in your suitcase and what activities for chubby, full, stout and prudent guys in which city come into question, read here! Continue reading

Women’s Shirts

The Women’s Working Shirts feature beautiful and stylish models, all to make you even more beautiful for that occasion as well. so know more about these new models of clothes because today companies are much more demanding when it comes to clothing, and that’s why people are going very well dressed for these occasions as well. Today the Look inside the company counts a lot, and the company values ​​the employee who is well dressed as well. Continue reading

Casual Summer Look

September is here and thus also the month begins with the official beginning of autumn. I’ve been busy the past few weeks “supposed” summer so much prefer to cuddle with my son there’s still fix a casual summer look from me. It is not spectacular, rather a little casual. But when Mommy, I like it rather convenient and practical. That this must however not always bleak look I can prove you today with my outfit. To shoot an outfit on the fly is difficult even a little with the little Prince. So he had to go with the image. Continue reading

Panama Hat: Check Out Tips

The Panama Hat won the Australian public. Since your debut, he has been a tendency in the summer and used by men and women. Is already in the fashion market making the biggest success and you can also use it with all the taste and style. After all, the Panama Hat is simply beautiful.
So you can do the best combinations, nothing better than to be aware of the information posted below. Here below, you will have beautiful models, various types of use, how to combine correctly and much more. Learn how to use the Panama Hat and boot compliments wherever you arrive.
So, you won’t want to miss all that will be shown below, so was prepared tips and suggestions so you can pick the best fashion trend. Check out the details, enjoy to have a Panama Hat and wear it out beauty and brightness in their excursions, exits with friends and other social activities. Check out the details below. Continue reading