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Five Unknown Firms, Five Unnoticed Collections, Five Incredible Proposals (I)

It is true that many times we fall into the temptation of speaking only of what most know and all want to hear, either ready-to-wear signatures or the more commercial, more than anything because they are, in my view, the signatures that most you can easily find you in the shopping areas and therefore pick up your clothes case that you see something that really like you. But I have not counted (mea culpa) with a particularly potent factor as it is today online purchase. Continue reading

The Relief of Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton for The Spring-Summer 2011

This is the first post-mortem of the British designer collection Alexander McQueen under the creative direction of Sarah Burton, author of all the sketches to the full, always with the support of the House files, remember that the previous collection was designed by Alexander although it was unable to complete it due to his tragic death. Perhaps that is the reason why this is one of the most eagerly awaited male collections for the next season Spring-summer 2011. Continue reading

The Best Street-Style of The Week (XXXVIII)

One more week, in Mensencia we propose to review the best street-style of the last week (and it will 38 consecutive). The urban style of this edition is curiously marked by large doses of originality. I do not know what has happened in this thirty-eighth publication, but it seems that photographers have managed to amaze me with their snapshots from the last seven days. Continue reading

How to Use: Stamps Chess

The skirts of the Scots and the flannel shirt of the woodcutters are inspirations for this pattern that came back with everything in the 90’s with grunge. Chess, for me, is the stamp of winter. In fact, any winter. Arriving this colder season, we need prints that bring us back to coziness. Chess lately has been quite used in the summer as well, but I prefer to wear it in winter, especially if it is flannel texture. Continue reading

Meet Muji, the Japanese Network with Decor, Clothing and More!

Maybe some of you have already heard about the Japanese Muji. Founded in 1980, your source was a complete rationalization of the production process with the goal of creating products simple, low cost and good quality. Their products are succinct, but aren’t in the minimalist style and low price and simple are some of the terms to refer to the brand. There are more than 700 Muji stores worldwide, with more than 7,000 items ranging from clothes and household items to items of decoration. I’ve seen some posts in social networks about the store and I’ve been in a few days to check closely and I figured it was worth a tip here on the blog. Continue reading

Mode of Leisure: Excursion to the City

Finally, go back to the city, eat ice cream in the delicious ice cream parlor and then have some sightseeing! Regardless of whether you want to travel to the same city or to conquer a new city again and again:We have looked at 3 large German cities and tested them thoroughly. Which clothing is definitely in your suitcase and what activities for chubby, full, stout and prudent guys in which city come into question, read here! Continue reading

Sports Jackets, Models, Prices

The sportswear fell in the popular taste and today is found in different shops around the world. Are numerous brands that working hard in different parts and quality. Here in Brazil you find famous brands in the sports world, whether in tennis, clothing or other accessories. Among the products, the sports jacket is highly sought after by men and women. Are jackets that can be worn on different occasions, for after a workout or for a casual ride. Continue reading