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Apple’s Iphone to Nokia 1650

A term contract is in question for you, you don’t want a cheap and cool phone but? No problem. We have determined the current ten best prepaid cell phones for everyday use.

Wagering, charge and long contracts are a thorn in the side of many mobile phone users. Therefore, the prepaid packages from T-Mobile, Vodafone and co. are often a genuine alternative to the Treaty. Continue reading

Find Out Why the Ipad Will Never Run Flash

Apple says it ignores Flash as a bad and outdated app.

In fact, what lies behind this decision is an open war on Adobe, a company in which Apple has already had a 20% stake.

By the way, Apple and Adobe were already great partners, when the first one sold their iMacs desktops having as a sales call the programs of Adobe, like Photoshop and the printing technology of Postscript. Continue reading

The Iphone As An Advertising Platform-Auto-Apps Part 1

Car makers conquer the Top25 of the free apps
If you look around these days in the App-Store, you’ll immediately notice some familiar names when you look at the list of the most downloaded apps: BMW on position 1, Volkswagen on position 4, Mercedes-Benz on position 6 And Seat in place 14. It seems as if the car manufacturers in the Apple devices an interesting advertising platform opened up: With games so you try to sell vehicles. For Otto-Normal users but only one thing counts: What are the games? Before I dedicate myself to the typical racing games in the second part, let’s take a look at the games of the premium providers Mercedes and BMW. Because even if in both apps cars play the main role, it is not about the classic curve hitting.
“Expression of Joy” campaign . And there one should say again, the car makers would be bad… Continue reading

Iphone Software 3.0 On The 2g

What can the old iron with the new software?
The new features of the 3.0 iPhone software all sound attractive: MMS, Internet tethering, Spotlight and more, Apple promises with the third version of the iPhone operating system.But what if you are still sitting on the old iron and is satisfied with the first iPhone?Unfortunately Apple does not seem to be particularly motivated in 2G matters and leaves for the owners of the first hour some features are dropped. What’s going on? The features that work are, above all, those that improve the usability: copy & paste works naturally also with the old iPhone, likewise can be many other apps now in the landscape mode with larger virtual keyboard use.

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iPhone 6 Vs Samsung Galaxy Alpha

A war is won with the best weapons. And when both Apple-using the iPhone-like teenage sex characteristics Samsung-sharp drop in sales of smartphones-are experiencing difficult times, the next score given by any of the technology can be fatal to the rival.

This is why reports are emerging that Samsung is preparing a launch in the high-end segment that will try to do muffle the announcement of the next iPhone. The CNet, citing a South Korean publication, speaks in Samsung Galaxy Alpha, an outfit that will blend the best of the line Galaxy S with Note. Continue reading

Vodafone and Optimus Will Sell iPhone 4

The two carriers that today sell the iPhone in the Portuguese market, on par with other retail channels, have confirmed that they intend to keep the partnership with Apple and bring to Portugal the latest version of the smartphone.

Vodafone Portugal admits in a press release that “going to market in the coming months the new iPhone 4. The company refers however to a later time, info on prices of new equipment, usually marketed in a manner associated with communications plans that include voice and data. Continue reading

Crowdfunding Jewels: COVR, Rufus Cuff and the Micro

CURVED presents you the mobile highlights of Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo Startnext every week. Today with an affordable 3D printer, an indestructible Bluetooth speaker, a reserve battery on my key ring, a huge Smartwatch and a case for the iPhone with you secretly shoot photos. When you click on that links not be surprised: Indiegogo received a completely new design.

The Micro: Affordable 3D Printers

Still no 3D was so cheap: the micro, or short M3D, costs just US$ 299 – so only approximately 220 euro at kickstarter. However, shipping costs are added. You have to decide until May 7, 2014. The 3D printer is a cube with edge length 18.5 cm, it creates but to print objects that are up to 11.6 cm high and an area of 10.9 x 113 cm just 9.1 x 8.4 cm have – to the tune of 7.4 cm. With a weight of one kilogram, the printer is even portable and to connect to a computer, a USB cable is sufficient. The software runs on Windows, OS X and Linux, and should provide for an easy set up and use.

COVR: Secretly Record Pictures with the iPhone

The idea came to COVR Thomas Hurst photographers during his work in crisis areas, where like to photographed not everyone can be. With the case for the iPhone you can not only in dangerous moments unnoticed take photos, but scan including children, without that they respond to the camera. To the lens in the iPhone case light diverts so, you down keep the actual camera of smartphones, but still scans the subject in front of you. By May 6, 2014, you can support the project on kickstarter. For 55 dollars and 10 dollars, your a copy of the envelope gets shipping – equivalent results in a price of around 47 euros.

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