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Gladiator Sandal:See How Not to Miss the Look!

Surely you have already seen and / or heard of the famous and controversial gladiator sandal.Footwear gained momentum last summer and was paraded on many catwalks and worn by celebrities and anonymous, but the truth is that the shoe inspired by the gladiators of Ancient Rome still causes many controversies.There are those who have already fully surrendered the proposal, but there are those who still have resistance by the model of strips that can stretch to knee height or are just up to the heel. Continue reading

8 Simple Tips To Wear Heels Without Pain

Check Out The Best Advice That Will Help You Look A Few Centimetres Taller Without Having To Suffer, Starting With The Identification Of Your Foot Type

We already know that beauty has your cost, the problem is that he sometimes is very expensive. Use shoe, for example, is for many women safety sign, sensuality and slim figure. On the other hand, can also be a synonym for uncomfortable and severe pain. The balance may be in some tips that should be put into practice on a daily basis. See: Continue reading

Culottes Gauchos Pants Skirt Patterns

They are called culottes but are no special underpants, or at least not anymore. They are the pants, the ones that were once defined skirt-pants and are among the fashion pieces that are driving you crazy foreign fashionistas

I do not know how many of you have already passed in the past but there was a period, between the late ’80s and early’ 90s that the skirts and pants made her king. I remember them because in my closet my mother was always trying to infilarcene some, because compared to classic trousers were softer and more comfortable than skirts, and they were the best, because functional and, once again, comfortable. But, you know,comfortable does not rhyme with fashion and time a breath that I am blown away. Continue reading

How to Wear Palazzo Pants

Like wearing palazzo pants

Along with those culottes, palazzo pants are perhaps the chief of trend for 2016. In light fabrics for summer or heavier for the winter, it must have at least one in your wardrobe, whatever their physical. This type of pants, in fact, fits a bit ‘all, from curvy to the leanest, from high to minute, just choose the model best suited to him. For tall women and lean is granted almost everything, even the palazzo pants patterned. For curvy, better opt for solid color, especially blue and black, combined with romantic blouses. The bassine minute and will slim the figure choosing palazzo pants with a high waist and wearing high heels. We see the best combinations to do. Continue reading