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Super Phones for Super Types

Internet, multimedia, design, apps or features for the business: smart phones are the Swiss army knife of mobile phones. But what is especially important to you in a smart phone? With our buying tips, you will find your personal Super phone that fits perfectly to your needs.

Include Internet and E-Mail for smart phones long mobile everyday, as well as recording and playback of photos, videos or music in reasonable quality. Many of the all-rounder also really chic look and can be extended with numerous apps almost anywhere. And who would like to use his cell phone for Office tasks, access to an appropriately equipped business model. Continue reading

Review Akg N60nc

We tested the headset that promises a unique experience of bass, treble and noise reduction in a product for day to day.Is it worth it?

AKG is already an old acquaintance of those looking for comfortable, high-performance headphones.The recently launched N60NC in Brazil, which has a new noise canceling system, can increase the performance of the product by 40% compared to previous models, according to the manufacturer. Continue reading

New Headphones Playstation with 3D Audio Arriving

Despite the design being very similar to previous exclusive brand headphones, these 3D sound and range.

We already knew from the PlayStation Meeting this year that new headphones Surround a renewed line to the PlayStation Pro 4 were on their way. Finally, Sony revealed to date, price and features of the new device that will have the ability to play your own 3D audio technology. Continue reading

Headphones: What You Need Know to Choose a Good Model

Buying headphones can be a challenge for anyone who wants to listen to music with quality sound, but does not understand much of the technical specifications of the device. Often, the acquisition is done blindly, with the indication of friends, confidence in the brand or simply because it is a beautiful model and with a good quality at first sight. To help those who identified with the situation, TechTudo clarifies the main specifications needed to choose a phone and find out which ones actually meet their needs. Continue reading

Is Bluetooth Headset Worth It? See Accessory Details

Wireless devices are portable and rugged, but are they worth the investment?Find it out.

Bluetooth headsets are increasingly popular, models can come with sound insulation, water resistance and smart menus.Especially with the launch of the iPhone 7 , which brought the AirPods , the wireless accessories began to gain user visibility, plus more popular brands like Beats, JBL , AKG and Pulse. Continue reading

Review Sony MDR-XB50BS

Japanese sportswear brand does not fall off the ear, even in intense physical exercises.

The MDR-XB50BS is a Sony cordless headset, aimed at those who exercise.In-ear type and with connection via Bluetooth and NFC , the device dispenses wires, has built-in microphone and voice guidance.In addition, it has water and battery resistance that lasts about eight hours.In the brand store, the suggested price is $ 499.99. Continue reading

Arctic Cooling Headphones Review

Pros: Good sound as well as the battery life that lasts long. It has a comfortable design for sports, adjusting very well to the contours of the head. Good price.

Cons: The materials could be better. If you have a small head not you they conform at all though they may be well adjusted.

Best price found: €20
The Arctic Cooling P253 BT headset (from about 20 euros) without cable and stereo are bestseller in Spain since that provide us for our outstanding music sound quality with the security of Bluetooth technology. We have up to 30 hours of time to listen and talk while we are connected to our songs or in social life there where we are.

Continue reading