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This Week’s Cape: Autumn Clothing

I don’t know how it’s been in other parts of Sweden, but in Stockholm was soon punctured to end summer this weekend. The fall came in the form of a omutbart rainy weather that put the final nails in the coffin of delicate shoes and holidays free of outerwear. This week’s Cape is then. Olof lifted a week agothe waxed jacket Excell and hit at the same time, a blow for Barbour. But the English are not the only ones with impregnated garments. For those who are not prepared to throw out nearly as much money as Barbour requests, Spanish Zara developed a wallet-friendly options. How well the Spaniards understand creating clothes adapted to the windswept North remains well to see, but the jacket is really nice and the price tag of about 1300 SEK is pretty f rlåtande. Continue reading

Panama Hat: Check Out Tips

The Panama Hat won the Australian public. Since your debut, he has been a tendency in the summer and used by men and women. Is already in the fashion market making the biggest success and you can also use it with all the taste and style. After all, the Panama Hat is simply beautiful.
So you can do the best combinations, nothing better than to be aware of the information posted below. Here below, you will have beautiful models, various types of use, how to combine correctly and much more. Learn how to use the Panama Hat and boot compliments wherever you arrive.
So, you won’t want to miss all that will be shown below, so was prepared tips and suggestions so you can pick the best fashion trend. Check out the details, enjoy to have a Panama Hat and wear it out beauty and brightness in their excursions, exits with friends and other social activities. Check out the details below. Continue reading

Time-Trend Accessory Hat, Tips and Templates

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Time-Trend accessory Hat 2013, tips and templates

The hats have always been an accessory used by all, men and women stylish. But, today the Not1 Blog will recall this accessory because it is Summer 2013 Tendency, ideal for young people and adults, of all the styles and ways, the tip is betting on hats and the template that most values. Continue reading

10 Tips On How To Use Panama Hat In Summer

The Panama Hat, despite the name, was created and is still manufactured in Ecuador with plant straw Carludovica palmata, incidentallyyour story has already been approached by the Male Channel in this article. As this is an accessory made with a material that is light and fresh, it becomes critical for protection from the Sun, especially in the summer, giving vent to a multitude of combinations of men’s clothes of various styles. Let’s look at some tips on how to use it: Continue reading

How To Make A Christmas Hat Crocheted

We discover how to create a wonderful Christmas hat dell’uncinetto using the technique, a really cool tutorial

How to make Christmas hat crocheted

How to make a delicious hat Christmas crochet? This tutorial is explained step by step, so for the December 25 we will be more than ready with nosto hat and, if we organize ourselves in time, we will also give away some to friends.  Continue reading

Kate Middleton Maternity Dresses

It is shortly to expiration of the pregnancy of Kate Middleton, pregnant with her second child (most likely be a female). Once again leaves us stunned with a fashion barbatrucco: find the differences!
Princess Kate Middleton, at the expiry of the second pregnancy, puts into practice one of the many skills of young modern girl: maximize your wardrobe without waste even if it is a real wardrobe.

At one of his last public appearances at the Turner Contemporary Art Museum and Resort Studios in Kent, before the birth of the small in April (it is rumored to be a girl), Kate decided to again wear a dress in her wardrobe nullifying in an instant two years space time. Continue reading