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5 Reasons to Encourage the Children’s Games

Child development is strongly connected with the simple act of playing. The games allow children to practice emotional, intellectual, motor skills and social every time they’re having fun. They encourage imagination and fantasy, as well as explore feelings, reactions and experiences, making the children develop physically as a whole, gaining coordination, strength and agility. Continue reading

The Iphone As An Advertising Platform-Auto-Apps Part 1

Car makers conquer the Top25 of the free apps
If you look around these days in the App-Store, you’ll immediately notice some familiar names when you look at the list of the most downloaded apps: BMW on position 1, Volkswagen on position 4, Mercedes-Benz on position 6 And Seat in place 14. It seems as if the car manufacturers in the Apple devices an interesting advertising platform opened up: With games so you try to sell vehicles. For Otto-Normal users but only one thing counts: What are the games? Before I dedicate myself to the typical racing games in the second part, let’s take a look at the games of the premium providers Mercedes and BMW. Because even if in both apps cars play the main role, it is not about the classic curve hitting.
“Expression of Joy” campaign . And there one should say again, the car makers would be bad… Continue reading