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Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

I am very pleased that I am part of the new Sally Hansen campaign “Strong Women -strong Nails”, because it is about power women, their greatest strengths and most important courage. I also had to ask myself in which situation I felt as a strong woman. Not an easy question, because in the whole day-to-day life, women sometimes forget that there is a power woman in us all.

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Advantages of Fake Nails


The advantages are more than you can imagine:
– in less than 3 minutes will allow you to have a perfect manicure, completely covering your natural nails;
– are proof inexperienced: even if you’ve never used, you will notice that you apply simple as it can be easy to stick the stickers in a catalog;
– last long nails, about a week if you can avoid to bathe them too frequently;
– are cheap, with 8 euro will have beautiful nails;
– are not very long, they a very natural look, so they are ideal for those not used to having long natural nails or rebuilt;
– if your nails are ruined because maybe you have the bad habit of eating them, or because it is very fragile, artificial nails will allow you to cover them and even avoid touching or gnaw;
– natural nails are not damaged in any way, do not need to file them and the glue has no effect because it is an adhesive designed specifically for nails;
– take away is easy, just keep them to soak with water hot for a few minutes, and can be removed, if you notice that remain small residues of low glue passing a solvent-soaked spot to remove all traces.

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