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Lacoste and The History of Which Is Perhaps The Most Famous Pole of History: The L.12.12

For lovers of the tailoring of the crocodile, René Lacoste It is undoubtedly one of its great heroes and main architect. It was a French tennis player, winner of 7 Grand Slam tournaments in individual category and who was nicknamed Le Crocodile (crocodile) by his followers, after a made commitment whose prize was a portfolio made of alligator skin for their grooms times. Continue reading

South America Fitness Clothing

Fitness Models South Brazil

The clothes South Brazil Fitness are beautiful and differentiated, who can already check closely knows very well.And today, more than ever before, women want to be well-dressed to work out and practice too much physical activity, which is why most of them are eyeing those branded outfits because they know how stylish and distinctive they are.The good thing is that today we have both the physical stores as well as the websites to be buying fitness clothes, so if we do not find one place we will surely have in another as well. Continue reading

Our Shoptipp~Eco-Friendly Wedding Dresses

In the meantime, many are paying attention to the green and environmentally friendly way of shopping. And why would that stop at the wedding dress? I have found a shop on Etsy that is closely linked to this green philosophy. Maude Couture by Caroline Baker attaches particular importance to untreated textiles, an environmentally friendly workmanship and of course all dresses are sewn with great attention to detail by hand. Continue reading

Sweatshirt-Comfortable and Chic!

The autumn came, the winter is just around the corner, more mild climates, and we confess right, no matter how elegant and cool that any woman is, it’s hard to find that soft part, which falls on the body like a warm hug, all the winter asks. But what is good just got better, the Sweatshirt is being increasingly accepted in various compositions, and to give a glamour the most he got in more elaborate compositions, with more cutouts, props such as embroidery, lace, and glitter.  Continue reading