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5 Tips for You to Increase Your Sales of Handicrafts

  1. Hello Friend entrepreneur, all jewel? Today I want to have a little chat with you about sales of handicrafts. But first let me tell you a curious fact that happened to me, it’s all about our theme. In these my wanderings to study I came across a phrase that left me shocked: “the goal of marketing is to make selling superfluous.” What Kotler meant by that? As I processed a quote like that? Soon I’m chipped in sales. RS Continue reading

6 Outfits for the Holidays under 150 €

All around Christmas lights and glitters so beautifully and is lovingly decorated. This is also true of the looks that are worn around the festival. We want to carry something very special for the festivities, the family celebrations on the holidays and, of course, the New Year’s Eve party. It can also sparkle and sparkle: Sequins, velvet, lace and pearls are the ideal companion for the perfect Christmas look. Also red and green give the outfit a festive touch. So that the new outfit does not tear a big hole in the Christmas gift box, here are a few looks, for which you have to spend less than 150 € .

Girl Outfit for About 60 €

The manguun kids dress iscomfortable and leaves the little enough freedom to play, but looks chic. The cuddly bolero jacket keeps warm even in frosty temperatures and matches the festive look. Continue reading

Bat Blouse: Photos and Tips

The bat blouse are on the rise in the next season, this is good news, especially because this type of blouse favors almost all body types and are super tours to wear at any occasion. The bat blouses value the look. The bat blouse, are those that the sleeves leave the waist wide and only close in the fists or the ¾, have gained this name for resembling with the wings of the bats. Continue reading

How about Inviting the Bridesmaids with a Piece of Jewelry?

This is the proposal of Bridesmaid Giftline, created by Danish Pandora jewelry. The idea is that brides present your bridesmaids, in the Act of invitation, with a beautiful piece that has the style of them. Thinking in this way, each sponsor can have your own piece of jewelry that will last forever as well as the friendship that unites them. Continue reading

Earrings for Every Type of Woman

We are in love with earrings, this isn’t anything new. They are Accessories which are essential and which give a special touch to the visual. There are no exceptions as to who may or may not wear earrings, but there are some tips that guide in the sense of combining the play with the shape of the face. Having in mind what earring is ideal for your face type, now and just find the style that suits you, whether they are small, fringe and even the maxi earrings. Check out this selection with some of the categories present in the lodge of Frances Jewelry. Continue reading

How Do I Get Order in My Jewelry Collection?

You do not think there are countless nice ways to store your jewelry in a clear way?Jewelery shop is always looking for you, for new ideas that bring order to every jewelery collection!And even today we have a suggestion for you, which is also easy to tinker.This time, we are working on a simple picture frame, where you can put your own jewelery into the picture.In the video, Marcus explains how you can make this jewelry store yourself.So that you can attach not only earrings , but also chains or bracelets, we have designed hooks.As you can make from simple wire, we show you of course also. Continue reading

The Coconut Is Not Only Good for Eating!

What comes to mind when you imagine an exotic coconut tree?So I am immediately mindful of the Maldives, almost feel the fine sand under my feet and hear the sea rushing.Holidays in the South.And with the help of the coconut, we can get that feeling right back home.However, anyone who has ever tried to open this exotic fruit knows that the coconut must be given a lot of time.But the time is worthwhile not only to eat the fruit, but much better, much more special.The coconut is particularly suitable for the production of unique jewelery.The wood is processed in fine craftsmanship and gets its luster.One thing is certain: every piece is unique. Continue reading

An Eye on the Trend: Oversized Stone Earrings

The WGSN website-specialist in research and trend analysis for the fashion and style industries – recently published in your page a tendency, which appeared with strength on the international catwalks during fashion shows autumn/winter 2013-14: are the “giant gemstones earrings”, translating, earrings with large stones. Rubies, diamonds, emeralds and amethysts are the stakes of the WGSN for the season, bringing a return of ladylike style also for the jewels. And the best: this trend may be adapted to the “real life”, with pieces of impact and that transform any look. Continue reading