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Earrings for Every Type of Woman

We are in love with earrings, this isn’t anything new. They are Accessories which are essential and which give a special touch to the visual. There are no exceptions as to who may or may not wear earrings, but there are some tips that guide in the sense of combining the play with the shape of the face. Having in mind what earring is ideal for your face type, now and just find the style that suits you, whether they are small, fringe and even the maxi earrings. Check out this selection with some of the categories present in the lodge of Frances Jewelry. Continue reading

How Do I Get Order in My Jewelry Collection?

You do not think there are countless nice ways to store your jewelry in a clear way?Jewelery shop is always looking for you, for new ideas that bring order to every jewelery collection!And even today we have a suggestion for you, which is also easy to tinker.This time, we are working on a simple picture frame, where you can put your own jewelery into the picture.In the video, Marcus explains how you can make this jewelry store yourself.So that you can attach not only earrings , but also chains or bracelets, we have designed hooks.As you can make from simple wire, we show you of course also. Continue reading

The Coconut Is Not Only Good for Eating!

What comes to mind when you imagine an exotic coconut tree?So I am immediately mindful of the Maldives, almost feel the fine sand under my feet and hear the sea rushing.Holidays in the South.And with the help of the coconut, we can get that feeling right back home.However, anyone who has ever tried to open this exotic fruit knows that the coconut must be given a lot of time.But the time is worthwhile not only to eat the fruit, but much better, much more special.The coconut is particularly suitable for the production of unique jewelery.The wood is processed in fine craftsmanship and gets its luster.One thing is certain: every piece is unique. Continue reading

An Eye on the Trend: Oversized Stone Earrings

The WGSN website-specialist in research and trend analysis for the fashion and style industries – recently published in your page a tendency, which appeared with strength on the international catwalks during fashion shows autumn/winter 2013-14: are the “giant gemstones earrings”, translating, earrings with large stones. Rubies, diamonds, emeralds and amethysts are the stakes of the WGSN for the season, bringing a return of ladylike style also for the jewels. And the best: this trend may be adapted to the “real life”, with pieces of impact and that transform any look. Continue reading

Gorgeous Sparkling Earrings

Ear jewelry in the style of colorful dazzling chandeliers

Chandelier earrings are hard to imagine in today’s fashion and jewelry world.
It is very glamorous effect to owe that they regularly you can admire on Hollywood stars on the red carpet. Finally, chandeliers pull everyone’s attention through her magical sparkle. Stars such as Salma Hayek, jasmine Trinca and Carey Mulligan have long discovered the flashy and mostly very filigree crafted pieces of jewelry.

Chandeliers characterised by hanging from the ear and branch are flexibly interconnected elements of different lengths. It’s resulting mobility thanks to, that their gemstones sparkle beautifully in the light.
Learn what time these earrings were and what is its name.

The history of chandeliers

The sparkling chandelier style earrings

Chandeliers is the French name for candlesticks. Why it is used since the 17th century for ornate earrings , can be easy to understand: the usually expansive and long, decorated with dazzling gems dangling earrings are reminiscent of the chandeliers of that time, whose droopy, filigree Kristalle candlelight schillerten. Frequently used cut lead glass for this chandelier to the form of prisms. At this, the incoming rays of light are broken varies, resulting in a colored glitter.

Similarly, the gems of the chandeliers to play with the light and shine at the slightest movement of their wearer. They look like small chandeliers also, because they have such hanging decorative items that fall usually vary widely and make different levels.

The Indian forms of chandeliers

The chandeliers were given their present name only in the 17th century, but there is already much longer earrings in this form. Particularly in India, far droopy, colourful and decorated with filigree patterns earrings are an integral part of the Canon of the jewelry for a long time.
Commonly used materials are here enameled gold, coloured gemstones, pearls and glass beads.

The chandeliers in the 1920s

The chandelier earrings at the time of the Art Déco of the 20s came to great popularity. The predominant style was of course also its influence on the design of the jewelry pieces. Suitable, clear-cut forms came to the geometrical rigour of the Art Déco in the chandeliers used. Studded earrings in Platinum or white gold with diamonds and pearls were a popular combination.

The Girandoles – a special kind of these earrings

Girandoles chandelier earrings are in a very specific way – sometimes the two terms are synonymous but also.
Traditionally the cheap jewelry is formed at Girandoles Earrings by three round or oval gemstones. The medium-sized gemstone hangs it deeper as the two sides.
A round polished gemstone, which is usually connected to a loop-shaped element with the lower part forms the upper end. Here, although variations are possible.

Chandeliers as Bridal jewelry

Because of their glamorous effect, chandeliers are like elected as jewelry for the bride. Pieces of jewelry made of Platinum or white gold, adorned with diamonds are due to the white wedding dress. Apply beads, which since ancient Greece as a traditional Bridal jewelry , very well suited for such earrings.
Of course glamorous beautiful effects can be at chandeliers for the bride with other precious stones achieve, for example with gently shimmering moonstones.

Luxurious Chandelier Earrings by RENÉSIM

You interested in chandeliers, which are perfectly tailored to you? RENÉSIM manufactures like according to your wishes jewels on, for which only the highest quality raw materials are used.
Or opt for one of our prêt à-Porter models from the loved & jewelled collection or the characters collection.

How to Select Bridal Jewelry

If it is the dress made the wedding, then these are the jewelry that make the dress. Here are tips for choosing your jewelry for the day of your wedding.

Choosing her wedding dress is paramount as everyone will have eyes on you. To have a perfect look you do not have to ignore the accessories that will complete your look. So here’s what to do and what not to do with your jewelry on your wedding day:

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