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The Relief of Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton for The Spring-Summer 2011

This is the first post-mortem of the British designer collection Alexander McQueen under the creative direction of Sarah Burton, author of all the sketches to the full, always with the support of the House files, remember that the previous collection was designed by Alexander although it was unable to complete it due to his tragic death. Perhaps that is the reason why this is one of the most eagerly awaited male collections for the next season Spring-summer 2011. Continue reading

Lacoste and The History of Which Is Perhaps The Most Famous Pole of History: The L.12.12

For lovers of the tailoring of the crocodile, René Lacoste It is undoubtedly one of its great heroes and main architect. It was a French tennis player, winner of 7 Grand Slam tournaments in individual category and who was nicknamed Le Crocodile (crocodile) by his followers, after a made commitment whose prize was a portfolio made of alligator skin for their grooms times. Continue reading

Pajamas: How to Choose the Right Model

The pyjamas are a basic set of comfort, in the life of any person. For the hours in which you will relax, nothing better than a little footsie Pajamas cute and comfortable, so that you have the best dreams. Many people choose single pieces of shabby clothes and ready: already have a call your pyjamas. But it is true that it is very good to go to a store and pick out a nice set and confort, with all the characteristics of a true pajamas. Although they are simple parts, apparently easy to buy, the pyjamas also have their specific characteristics. Rather, the specifics of each person must show How to choose the right model of Pajamas. Here are some tips. Continue reading

Fashion Secrets Special Valentines Men’s Underwear

We all know that men like to enjoy a beautiful lingerie in a woman, but will they know that women also like they watch the wear under your clothes?

If you don’t, you know Wed women valued as much or more than the way you wear under your clothes.

Don’t panic because for being Valentine’s day the language explains what women want when it comes to men’s underwear. Continue reading