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Ask Manolo – What Is Called a Coat?

Hi Manolo, i am about to invest in a classic overcoat of the British model. Fancy a single-breasted with velvet on kragoket and covered button closure, but have a few questions. This type of rock any particular name? What are the conventions and traditions are there to consider? What do you think of in terms of details and colour and material choice? Know that it is not the right season for this rocktyp now, but would appreciate some guidance. Thanks for a great blog! Mvh//Bears Continue reading

Corsets – Learn How to Use and Their Models

Some time ago, the bodice was a piece of women’s clothing known as symbol of femininity, being used a few years ago to make the silhouette of the thin woman and bear rounded hips, but was also a weapon of seduction to attract the male looks. Due to fashion is always looking for trends and if renewing each day more, the fashion of this time now is bringing back the very slender feminine silhouette, bringing the bodice back to the fashion scene. Continue reading

Meet Muji, the Japanese Network with Decor, Clothing and More!

Maybe some of you have already heard about the Japanese Muji. Founded in 1980, your source was a complete rationalization of the production process with the goal of creating products simple, low cost and good quality. Their products are succinct, but aren’t in the minimalist style and low price and simple are some of the terms to refer to the brand. There are more than 700 Muji stores worldwide, with more than 7,000 items ranging from clothes and household items to items of decoration. I’ve seen some posts in social networks about the store and I’ve been in a few days to check closely and I figured it was worth a tip here on the blog. Continue reading

Maternity Clothes 101

Any future MOM needs a wardrobe of maternity to spend the next nine months with style and ease. This guide to maternity clothes will help you make the right choices for your wardrobe.

Maternity clothes 101

When you are pregnant, you want to schedule the purchase of all the clothes you need for the nine months following, and even after. Since maternity clothes essential until the basics of breastfeeding, you will find a variety of practical items and fashion that will lead you to term in comfort. The right choice of maternity wear can help you every step of the first quarter until breastfeeding as you adapt to your changing forms. If dressing for two is new to you, choose maternity clothes that offer the support, which are versatile, adjustable and resistant. Choose neutral colors for everyday wear and highlight them with a colourful accessories for before and after the arrival of the baby. Choose separates elegant which, by superimposing them, will provide you outfits for all seasons and all stages of your pregnancy. You will also need clothing support designed for maximum comfort with features such as adjustable waistbands and soft tissue.

Continue reading

How Choose a Coat

The subject today is how to choose a coat, which is one of the fundamental of each female closet and above all for the winter where you must highlight a beautiful image. Therefore not all they have well and often do not know what is the most suitable according to your physical build, height, color of skin, hair, etc.

Then I’m going to give some tips so you can choose a suitable shelter, that is not so complicated and mostly so that you know what is the most appropriate for you. Continue reading